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Emergency Water Main Replacement Project - Nabnasset

--- Update:  All new 8" water main will be installed on Forrest Road at the end of Tuesday 7/24/2018.  New 8" main will be installed next on Cross Road and then George Avenue.  Once all new main is installed it will be pressure tested and disinfected.   Finally, customers will be tied into the new main. ---  

During recent emergency repair work on a failed section of pipe, the Water Department discovered that the 2" galvanized steel water main was severely deteriorated.  Consequently, we have decided to pursue the immediate replacement of the existing mains.

This project includes the replacement of 1,600 linear feet of the existing galvanized steel pipe with PVC plastic pipe on Forrest Road from Oak Hill to Gassett Road, George Avenue from Forrest Road to Gasset Road, and Cross Road from Forrest Road to Gasset Road.    

Construction is scheduled to begin Monday July 16, 2018 and is expected to last four to five weeks.  Work will occur between the hours of 7:30 AM and 3:30 PM Monday through Friday.  There will be temporary interruptions to water service when the new water main is being connected to the new water main.  Affected homes will be notified when the service interruptions will occur.   There is also the potential for unanticipated service interruptions, although we will make every attempt to avoid or keep this to a minimum.  

Traffic will be detoured on Forrest Road, George Avenue, and Cross Road during work hours.  All properties along the project route will be accessible throughout construction.  No construction activities are scheduled for weekends.  

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Stephen Cronin, Water Superintendent at 978-692-5529 or at scronin@westfordma.gov.   Construction schedules and updates will be available on this website.   We appreciate your patience with us during this emergency project.

Below:  A section of the 2" galvanized steel water main removed during the recent repairs. 

2 inch steel pipe from july 2018 forrest street water main break

Current Outdoor Water Use Restrictions in Westford

Stage I Voluntary outdoor water use restrictions are currently in effect through September 31.   We ask that customers follow the odd/even outdoor watering schedule and limit outdoor watering to between 6:00 pm and 9:00 am.   Click the below link for details..

Westford outdoor water use restrictions

Upgrades to mandatory restrictions will be published in the Westford Eagle and on the Westford Town and Water Department websites.

Prospect Hill Water Storage Tank Project

An updated construction schedule is now available.

Rainsoft of Boston Water Testing Brochure

We have recently been informed that a company called Rainsoft of Boston is leaving brochures offering free water testing at Westford resident's homes.  Please be advised this company and free sampling offer is in no way affiliated with the Westford Water Department.   

The Westford Water Department performs rigorous water quality testing throughout the year.  Results of annual testing are available in our Consumer Confidence Reports (see below).

2017 Consumer Confidence Report Available

The 2017 Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) is available electronically on the Water Department website.  Click on the 2017 Annual Water Quality Report link under Quick Links located directly to the right to reach the report.   Contact Mark Warren at mwarren@westfordma.gov or at 978-399-2457 if you would like a hard copy delivered to your home or business.

Environmental Working Group (EWG) Water Quality Report

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) issued a Nationwide Tap Water Report in July 2017.     This report allows people to enter their zip code and see a list of contaminants in their water.    The report for Westford shows several contaminants that are above EWG-selected Health Guidelines - most of which appear to be California Public Heath Goals.   We would like to assure our customers that Westford Water consistently tests well below State and Federal maximum contaminant levels (MCLs), and we  make this information available to all of our customers annually in our Consumer Confidence Report (CCR).  

In addition, the report states that the Westford Water Department was in violation of mandated Federal drinking water standards for 12 quarters from April 2014 to March 2017.   We would like to assure our customers that this is incorrect, and that the Westford Water Department is not in violation of any state or federal requirements or standards.  

EWG’s  report indicates Westford’s average manganese concentration for 2015 to be 309.1 ppb.   It appears that EWG reported untreated raw water concentrations for manganese.  This is misleading as Westford’s treatment process filters manganese, and we reported a significantly lower range of 3.0 to 9.0 ppb for manganese in treated water for 2015.

EWG also makes a misleading claim that water utilities had an opportunity to review the data they collected for accuracy.   We are not aware of any opportunity provided to Westford Water to review the data EWG collected.  

For any questions regarding this report please contact Mark Warren at 978-399-2457.

Online Bill Pay Service Provider for Water Bill Payments

City Hall Systems is the Online Bill Pay Service Provider for the Westford Water Department.   Some helpful features are described below:
  • Paying out of your checking account by ACH E-Check is free for Water Bill payments.
  • Payment by Debit or Credit Card is subject to credit card company fees based on a percentage of the amount being paid, with a minimum fee of $3. For this reason we strongly recommend using ACH E-Check to avoid all fees.
  • Customers can pay as a guest or they can establish a user account.
  • Customers who establish a user account will gain access to some great features; payment scheduling, payment history inquiry and new to Westford - E-Billing.
  • We are pleased to offer E-Billing to our customers. You may sign up to receive your bill via Email only (E-Billing), or to have your bill delivered via Email and U.S. Mail (E-Notice). Once signed up, you will receive a notice by email each quarter.
If you have any problems, questions or concerns about City Hall Systems, please don't hesitate to contact the Water Department at 978-692-5529.

View additional information on to the bill pay system, by visiting the City Hall Systems website.

Water Bill Calculator

Want to know how your water bill is calculated - or check your water usage? Click on the link below to access our Water Bill Calculator. Simply enter the requested information to calculate your bill and determine your water usage. View the Water Bill Calculator or learn how to read your water meter by viewing the February 2011 Water Department InFLOWmation Newsletter (PDF).

Service Line Insurance

Periodically our customers get calls from companies offering water service line insurance. We would like our customers to know that the Westford Water Department does not endorse any service line insurance product or company, and we recommend exercising due diligence before making a decision to purchase insurance. Before considering purchasing service line insurance you may want to check with your home insurance company-as some policies do offer some coverage for service line repairs or replacement.