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Temporary Loss of Service - Moore Road Monday September 26

Several homes on Moore Road will temporarily be without water service due to an emergency water main repair.   This shut down was not anticipated, and we appreciate your patience as we make the repair.   In addition, some residents of neighboring streets may experience low water pressure or discolored water from naturally-occurring sediments stirred up within the main.    

If discoloration to your water occurs first verify that repair work is completed by checking the Water Department website or calling us at 978-692-5529.  If you know that work is completed we recommend flushing a COLD water tap (preferably from a bathroom tub in order to avoid any sediment becoming trapped in a faucet aerator) until the water clears.    This usually takes just a few minutes but sometimes can take up to 25-30 minutes.   If discoloration does not go away, or if you have any questions please call the Water Department at 978-692-5529.  

Fall Hydrant Flushing Starting in September

The Westford Water Department will begin flushing water mains in September as part of our comprehensive maintenance program.     Westford is still experiencing drought conditions, and  the state has not lifted the Level 3 declaration.  However, we  believe it's important to proceed with the flushing program as this is critical to maintaining water quality.   

 Flushing is performed between the hours of 8:00 am and 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  For daily updates of streets or neighborhoods being flushed visit the Westford Water Department website at www.westfordma.gov/water, and click Hydrant Flushing Schedule.    This program involves opening fire hydrants and valves to create increased water flows which dislodge and remove naturally occurring sediment in the water mains.   Flushing is critical to maintain water quality and main carrying capacity.  We anticipate completion of the fall flushing program at the end of October.   As a result of the flushing process, residents in the immediate vicinity of the work may experience temporary discoloration of their water and/or low pressure.  This discoloration is harmless and does not affect the safety of the water.  If you experience discolored water, run your cold water after flushing is completed for the day, until clear (may take up to 20 minutes).   Accordingly, we recommend you avoid doing laundry during flushing in your area.  

Flushing will mostly be conducted in the Forge Village and Hitchin Post neighborhoods - with additional spot flushing throughout town. 

Declaration of Level 3-Critical Drought for Northeast Massachusetts

With Massachusetts experiencing elevated temperatures and forecasts predicting little or no meaningful precipitation. Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Beth Card declared on July 21 a Level 3-Critical Drought for the Northeast Region of the state.  Click on the Massachusetts Drought Alert for details. 

Accordingly, Westford's Stage III Outdoor Water Use Restrictions remain in effect.   See below for details.   

Upgrade to Stage III Outdoor Water Use Restrictions

Due to ongoing drought conditions and increased demand, the Westford Water Department has implemented Stage III Outdoor Water Use Restrictions, effective immediately.  At this time, we ask our customers to refrain from all outdoor watering using automatic sprinklers.  The use of a hand-held hose with automatic shut off or watering can is allowed.  These restrictions apply to the public water system; however, we recommend that private well owners consider limiting their outdoor water use.   

Failure to comply with the mandatory restrictions identified under Stage III is subject to a fine of $50 for the first violation and $100 for each subsequent violation. Each day of violation shall constitute a separate offense. Fines are issued pursuant to section 169.7.I (Regulation of Use - Penalties) under the Town of Westford's General Bylaws.

Visit Outdoor Water Use Restrictions for additional information.  

Thank you for your cooperation.

Per and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)

Please visit the Water Department PFAS page for general information on this emerging contaminant, and for sampling results.    Visit the Westford Health Department PFAS page for additional information on private wells.

New Water Conservation Website

We are pleased to announce a new water conservation website created by  Westford Academy student Rohita Krishnakamur.   The website was put together as part of a Girl Scout Gold Award Project, which is designed to address a root cause of a timely and important issue.   For some great information on water conservation please visit the new website:  https://westfordwater.wixsite.com/waterconservation

Re-opening and stagnant water in buildings

Many buildings in town have been closed due to the COVID pandemic.  With many of these buildings due to be reopened shortly the MassDEP has provided some important guidance on addressing stagnant water in buildings as a result of the COVID shutdowns.   Click on MassDEP Guidance on Stagnant Water for information on how to address stagnant water within your facility.  

Have a question or comment for the Water Department?

You can call us at 978-692-5529 or leave an email by clicking on the "Email" link on the upper right hand side of the page. 

Water Department projects link

Information on current Water Department projects can be found by clicking on the 'Water Department Projects' link to the left, and then clicking on the project of interest.

Online Bill Pay Service Provider for Water Bill Payments

City Hall Systems is the Online Bill Pay Service Provider for the Westford Water Department.   Some helpful features are described below:
  • Paying out of your checking account by ACH E-Check is free for Water Bill payments.
  • Payment by Debit or Credit Card is subject to credit card company fees based on a percentage of the amount being paid, with a minimum fee of $3. For this reason we strongly recommend using ACH E-Check to avoid all fees.
  • Customers can pay as a guest or they can establish a user account.
  • Customers who establish a user account will gain access to some great features; payment scheduling, payment history inquiry and new to Westford - E-Billing.
  • We are pleased to offer E-Billing to our customers. You may sign up to receive your bill via Email only (E-Billing), or to have your bill delivered via Email and U.S. Mail (E-Notice). Once signed up, you will receive a notice by email each quarter.
If you have any problems, questions or concerns about City Hall Systems, please don't hesitate to contact the Water Department at 978-692-5529.

View additional information on to the bill pay system, by visiting the City Hall Systems website.

Water Bill Calculator

Want to know how your water bill is calculated - or check your water usage? Click on the link below to access our Water Bill Calculator. Simply enter the requested information to calculate your bill and determine your water usage. View the Water Bill Calculator or learn how to read your water meter by viewing the February 2011 Water Department InFLOWmation Newsletter (PDF).

Service Line Insurance

Periodically our customers get calls from companies offering water service line insurance. We would like our customers to know that the Westford Water Department does not endorse any service line insurance product or company, and we recommend exercising due diligence before making a decision to purchase insurance. Before considering purchasing service line insurance you may want to check with your home insurance company-as some policies do offer some coverage for service line repairs or replacement.