Application for Water System Impact Study

If you are a developer of a subdivision or project in the Town of Westford which proposes to connect to the Town's public water supply, you will need to fill out and submit an application for a Water System Impact Study. The application can be downloaded below.

The Study will be performed by the Water Department and/or its designated consultant and will include the following:
  • A study of the water system within the Subdivision or Project, involving analysis of flows, pressures and other applicable hydraulic data.
  • A study of the Subdivision or Project's impact on the existing water facilities.
The developer will be required to deposit an amount into an escrow account to cover the cost of all engineering services. Any unexpended funds will be returned.

Completed applications should be delivered to:
  • Westford Water Department
    60 Forge Village Road
    Westford, MA 01886

Please see the Rules and Regulations of the Westford Water Department for more information. If you have any questions please call the Water Department at 978-692-5529.