PFAS Source Well Monitoring


Westford Water Department Source Sampling Summary

The Westford Water Department uses 9 groundwater wells/wellfields for source water.    A second sample was collected from the Country Road 2 well on November 10, 2021.   The Country Road 2 well was removed from service upon receipt of the July sample results (August 2021), and remains offline.    Below are results for PFAS samples collected in July 2021.

Source Well/Wellfieldng/L
Nutting Road Well (1&2 Combined)9.1
Nutting Road Well #112.3
Nutting Road Well #26.5
Depot Road Well12.8
Stepinski Well18.3
Cote Well13
Forge 1 Wellfield7.4
Forge 2 Well2.9
Country Road 2 Well58.8/194*
Fletcher Well8.8
Howard Road Wellfield2.9

*194 ng/L result obtained from 11/10/2021 sampling