Hydrant Flushing Schedule

2018 Spring Hydrant Flushing Schedule
Monday 4/9/2018:  No flushing
Tuesday 4/10/2018
:       Forge Village Road (from #60 toward Forge Village); Nutting Road from #17 towards Route 40
Wednesday 4/11/2018:    Greystone (Russells Way...); Nutting Road, Route 40 towards Groton, St. Augustine; Route 40 towards Chelmsford (Nutting Road and Dunkin Donuts area); Lynwood, Pilgrim Village, Allie Lane, and Lyndsey may be affected with discolored water
Thursday 4/12/2018:    Continuing at Greystone, Pilgrim Village, Lynwood, Old Colony, Allie Lane, Lindsey, North Street
Friday 4/13/2018:    Lakeside Terrace, Route 40

Monday 4/16/2018:  NO FLUSHING TODAY
Tuesday 4/17/2018:  Lakeside Terrace, Route 40, North Street, Farmer's Way
Wednesday 4/18/2018:  NO FLUSHING TODAY
Thursday 4/19/2018:  NO FLUSHING TODAY
Friday 4/20/2019:  NO FLUSHING TODAY

Monday 4/23/2018:  Lakeside Terrace, Loon Way, Grassy Lane, Jackrabbit, Route 40
Tuesday 4/24/2018:  Route 40 in the area of Lakeside Terrace going towards Ace Hardware, just added - Blacksmith Drive
Wednesday 4/25/2018:  Route 40 towards golf course, Sweetwood, Betty Lane, Oak Hill, Links, Doris, Jo-Jo, Stony Brook School, North Street
Thursday 4/26/2018:  NO FLUSHING TODAY
Friday 4/27/2018: NO FLUSHING TODAY

Monday 4/30/2018:  Nabnasset area (Plain Road and possibly some of the tree streets); Depot St, Timberlee, Riley 
Tuesday 5/1/2018: Oak Hill, Betty Lane, Sweetwood, Jo-Jo, Doris, Links, Emerson, Juniper Hill, Depot Street, Almeria, Plain Road
Wednesday 5/2/2018:  Same areas as Tuesday 5/1/2018 + Villanova, Lucille
Thursday 5/3/2018:  See 5/1 and 5/2:  We will be flushing in the general Nabnasset Lake area - north and south of the lake.
Friday 5/3/2018:  General Nabnasset area as described above and including Forrest, Carl Thompson, Edwards Ave. 

Monday 5/7/2018:  Newport, Villanova, Stonybrook
Tuesday 5/8/2018:  Lucille, Clare Circle, Nabnasset Tree Streets (Maple, Birch, Oak,,,)
Wednesday 5/9/2018:  Nabnasset area (Tree Streets continued)
Thursday 5/10/2018:  Tree streets continued, York, Woodbine, Torrington
Friday 5/11/2018:  Oak Hill, Brookside, Edwards Ave, Nabnasset Street, Grove, 


Please note:  Nearby streets not listed on the flushing schedule may also be affected by flushing.  That is, If your house is close to a street being flushed you may also experience discolored water (even though your street is not being flushed).   Schedule subject to change..