Hydrant Flushing Schedule

2017 Spring Hydrant Flushing Schedule

Monday 3/20/2017:       NO FLUSHING TODAY
Tuesday 3/21/2017:      Greystone (Russells Way neighborhoods) and Francis Hill Road area (including Hunt, Baldwin, Chamberlain, Main, Blueberry) 
Wednesday 3/22/2017:    Upper Greystone (north of Rita Miller), Buckboard, Swede's Crossing
Thursday 3/23/2017:  NO FLUSHING TODAY
Friday 3/24/2017:  Lower Greystone (Russells Way area) 

Monday 3/27/2017:  Lakeside neighborhood, Swede's Crossing, Deer Run, Tadmuck Road
Tuesday 3/28/2017:  Lakeside Neighborhood, Tadmuck Road area, Fairview, Dana
Wednesday 3/29/2017:  Tadmuck Road area, Fairview, Dana, Lakeview area
Thursday 3/30/2017:  Nutting Road, Route 40, Stony Brook School area
Friday 3/31/2017:  NO FLUSHING TODAY
Monday 4/3/2017:  NO FLUSHING TODAY
Tuesday 4/4/2017: Tadmuck Road and Lane, Canter Circle, Orion Way, Pilgrim Village, North Street
Wednesday 4/5/2017:  NO FLUSHING TODAY
Thursday 4/6/2017:  Route 40/North Street area, Francis Hill, Chamberlain Road area
Friday 4/7/2017: Route 40/North Street, and into Graniteville, Chamberlain/Brookside Road toward Nabnasset

Monday 4/10/2017:  North Street, Allie Lane, Brookside Road, Mountainview areas
Tuesday 4/11/2017:  Continuing on Brookside Rd and area; Depot Street, Timberlee and area
Wednesday 4/12/2017:  NO FLUSHING TODAY
Thursday 4/13/2017:  Depot Road, Timberlee area, Brookside Road, Tadmuck Road near Senior Center
Friday 4/14/2017:  Plain Road, Almeria Circle area; Nabnasset (north of the lake - Lakeshore Drive North, etc.)
Monday 4/17/2017:  NO FLUSHING
Tuesday 4/18/2017:  Almeria Circle area, Stony Brook Rd, Villanova, Nabnasset area (north of the lake - N. Lakeshore Drive)
Wednesday 4/19/2017:   NO FLUSHING TODAY
Thursday 4/19/2017:  NO FLUSHING TODAY
Friday 4/21/2017:  Nabnasset area (Byrne Ave, Links), Villanova, Sherwood

Monday 4/24/2017:  Nabnasset Area (Links, Dorris, Sherwood, Lucille, Newport, Endmoor, Sycamore, Salem, etc.)
Tuesday 4/25/2017:  Same areas as above (4/24/2017)
Wednesday 4/26/2017:  Nabnasset Area (tree streets:  Elm, Fir, Sycamore, Oak, Spruce, Cedar, Poplar, Hemlock...); Sherwood, Lucille, Lillian, Clare Circle
Thursday 4/27/2017:  NO FLUSHING TODAY
Friday 4/28/2017:  NO FLUSHING TODAY

Monday 5/1/2017:
Nabnasset Area (tree streets:  Elm, Fir, Sycamore, Oak, Spruce, Cedar, Poplar, Hemlock...); Sherwood, Lucille, Lillian, Clare Circle; Forge Village (including Abbot)
Tuesday 5/2/2017:  Tree streets in Nabnasset; Forge Village, Brookside, Nabnasset Street, Oak Hill Road, Edwards Ave.
Wednesday 5/3/2017:  Tree streets in Nabnasset; Edwards Ave., Wilson Lane, Hawthorne, Myrtle, Forge Village (Story, Lincoln, West Prescott)
Thursday 5/4/2017:  Nabnasset neighborhood (blowoff hydrants, Birch, Lakeshore South...); Forge Village (Story, Lincoln...)
Friday 5/5/2017:  NO FLUSHING TODAY

Monday 5/8/2017:  Graniteville and Forge Village neighborhoods
Tuesday 5/9/2017:  Forge Village, Rooks Way, Graniteville neighborhood
Wednesday 5/10/2017:  Pending - currently investigating a leak NO FLUSHING TODAY
Thursday 5/11/2017:  Graniteville Road, Pine Ridge, Cold Spring Road
Friday 5/12/2017:  NO FLUSHING TODAY

Monday 5/15/2017:  Forge Village, Concord Road
Tuesday 5/16/2017:  Concord Road
Wednesday 5/17/2017:  NO FLUSHING TODAY

Monday May 22, 2017:  Concord Road towards Route 110 - may head into  Hitchin Post
Tuesday May 23, 2017:  NO FLUSHING TODAY
Wednesday May 24, 2017:  Hitchin Post neighborhood
Thursday May 25, 2017:  NO FLUSHING TODAY
Friday May 26, 2017:  NO FLUSHING TODAY

Tuesday May 30, 2017:  Concord Road
Wednesday May 31, 2017:  Concord Road, May, April, and Minuteman
Thursday June 1, 2017:  NO FLUSHING TODAY
Friday June 2, 2017:  NO FLUSHING TODAY

Monday June 5, 2017:  Route 110 starting at Concord Road - into Robbins Road; Old Homestead, Longmeadow, Graniteville Road
Tuesday June 6, 2017:  Route 110, Old Homestead, Graniteville Road
Wednesday June 7:  Route 110, Graniteville Road and area
Thursday June 8, 2017:  Carlisle Road, Graniteville Road and area
Friday June 9, 2017:   Carlisle Road

Monday June 12, 2017:  NO FLUSHING TODAY
Tuesday June 13, 2017:  NO FLUSHING TODAY
Wednesday June 14, 2017:  NO FLUSHING TODAY
Thursday June 15, 2017:  NO FLUSHING TODAY
Friday June 16, 2017:  NO FLUSHING TODAY

Monday June 19, 2017:  Carlisle Road, Jenny Richards
Tuesday June 20, 2017:  Carlisle Road, Jenny Richards, Route 110

                     ***Spring flushing completed***
Please note - this is subject to change.  Tree streets:  Elm, Fir, Sycamore, Oak, Spruce, Cedar, Poplar, Hemlock...)