Hydrant Flushing Schedule

2017 Spring Hydrant Flushing Schedule

Monday 3/20/2017:       NO FLUSHING TODAY
Tuesday 3/21/2017:      Greystone (Russells Way neighborhoods) and Francis Hill Road area (including Hunt, Baldwin, Chamberlain, Main, Blueberry) 
Wednesday 3/22/2017:    Upper Greystone (north of Rita Miller), Buckboard, Swede's Crossing
Thursday 3/23/2017:  NO FLUSHING TODAY
Friday 3/24/2017:  Lower Greystone (Russells Way area) 

Monday 3/27/2017:  Lakeside neighborhood, Swede's Crossing, Deer Run, Tadmuck Road
Tuesday 3/28/2017:  Lakeside Neighborhood, Tadmuck Road area, Fairview, Dana
Wednesday 3/29/2017:  Tadmuck Road area, Fairview, Dana, Lakeview area
Thursday 3/30/2017:  Nutting Road, Route 40, Stony Brook School area
Friday 3/31/2017:  NO FLUSHING TODAY
Monday 4/3/2017:  NO FLUSHING TODAY
Tuesday 4/4/2017: Tadmuck Road and Lane, Canter Circle, Orion Way, Pilgrim Village, North Street
Wednesday 4/5/2017:  NO FLUSHING TODAY
Thursday 4/6/2017:  Route 40/North Street area, Francis Hill, Chamberlain Road area
Friday 4/7/2017: Route 40/North Street, and into Graniteville, Chamberlain/Brookside Road toward Nabnasset

Monday 4/10/2017:  North Street, Allie Lane, Brookside Road, Mountainview areas
Tuesday 4/11/2017:  Continuing on Brookside Rd and area; Depot Street, Timberlee and area
Wednesday 4/12/2017:  NO FLUSHING TODAY
Thursday 4/13/2017:  Depot Road, Timberlee area, Brookside Road, Tadmuck Road near Senior Center
Friday 4/14/2017:  Plain Road, Almeria Circle area; Nabnasset (north of the lake - Lakeshore Drive North, etc.)
Monday 4/17/2017:  NO FLUSHING
Tuesday 4/18/2017:  Almeria Circle area, Stony Brook Rd, Villanova, Nabnasset area (north of the lake - N. Lakeshore Drive)
Wednesday 4/19/2017:   NO FLUSHING TODAY
Thursday 4/19/2017:  NO FLUSHING TODAY
Friday 4/21/2017:  Nabnasset area (Byrne Ave, Links), Villanova, Sherwood

Monday 4/24/2017:  Nabnasset Area (Links, Dorris, Sherwood, Lucille, Newport, Endmoor, Sycamore, Salem, etc.)
Tuesday 4/25/2017:  Same areas as above (4/24/2017)
Wednesday 4/26/2017:  Nabnasset Area (tree streets:  Elm, Fir, Sycamore, Oak, Spruce, Cedar, Poplar, Hemlock...); Sherwood, Lucille, Lillian, Clare Circle
Note:  We are currently flushing in the Nabnasset and other northern sections of town for the next week or two.   Other sections such as Forge Village, Town Center, and Route 110 are not yet scheduled for flushing (most likely starting in May - check back with us on this website for updates).  Please note - this is subject to change.