Oak Hill, Moore, Plain Road Project, Transportation, and Stormwater Infrastructure Improvement Project

Construction for Phase I of the Oak Hill, Plain Road, and Moore Road Water, Stormwater, and Transportation Infrastructure Improvement Project began in the spring.  Activities include upgrades to drainage, roadway improvements, addition of sidewalks, upgrades to pedestrian crossings, and full roadway re-paving within the project area.  The water portion of the project involves replacement of existing cast iron and cement water main with 12" ductile iron main, and connection between Oak Hill Road to Plain Road.  

Phase II of the project is scheduled for 2022, and will include similar improvements to Plain and Moore Roads, including replacement of existing main with 12" ductile main.  Installation of the larger diameter main will improve flow, water quality, and reduce water age (water age refers to the length of time from the treatment plant until when it is used, and can contribute to water quality issues).  For additional details on the project, please visit the Westford Water Engineering website.