Drinking Water Program

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Drinking Water Program

The Drinking Water Program ensures that the drinking water delivered by public water systems in Massachusetts is fit and pure according to national and state standards. As the US Environmental Protection Agencies (EPA) Primacy Agent for the federal Safe Drinking Water Act in Massachusetts, the Program regulates water quality monitoring, new source approvals, water supply treatment, distribution protection, and reporting of water quality data. It also coordinates with DEP's Office of Watershed Management, the Water Resources Commission, and DEM's Division of Water Resources in regulating quantity of water used for drinking water supplies and in promoting water conservation. The Program maintains an active community technical assistance program to assist public water suppliers, Boards of Health, and other local groups to develop drinking water source protection plans, write local water supply bylaws, and comply with state and federal water supply regulations. Other Program activities include approval of new water supply technologies, regulation of water vendors, source approval for bottled water (bottling regulated by MA Department of Public Health), and public education on drinking water issues.

The Drinking Water Program administers and enforces:
  • The Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974 (42 U.S.C. 300f et seq.) as amended in 1986, and associated federal regulations (40 CFR 141-144).
  • Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 111, Sections 159 and 160, and associated state regulations at 310 CMR 21.00-24.00, 27.00 and 28.00.
  • The Water Management Act, MGL C. 21G, and associated regulations at 310 CMR 36.00 (In coordination with MA DEP/BRP/Division of Watershed Management).
For additional information visit the Massachusetts DEP Water Drinking page.

EPA Drinking Water Program

The U.S. EPA Drinking Water Program administers and enforces:


Program Description
Safe Drinking Water Act
Links to the Act's text and other information on the statute.

Protection Programs

Program Description
Underground Injection Program Program restricting injection of waste into ground water.
Sole Source Aquifer Program designates principal ground water sources as sole source aquifers.
Wellhead Protection Program Program to prevent contamination of public wells.
Source Water Assessment Program Program assessing the susceptibility of public drinking water sources to contamination.


Program Description
PWSS Grants Funding for program implementation to the States that are delegated the drinking water program.
State Revolving Fund State Revolving Loan Funds. Funds made available as loans or grants to improve water system infrastructure such as treatment facilities, storage, and distribution system.
New England Drinking Water Program
Information about New England's Drinking Water including private wells, EPA's programs to protect, monitor, treat, and transfer drinking water to residents and businesses, funding opportunities, technical assistance and more.

EPA WaterSense Program

The Westford Water Department is a partner to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) WaterSense Program. This program helps Americans use water resources more efficiently to preserve them for future generations and reduce future water and wastewater infrastructure costs.