Kirsi Circle

Kirsi Circle Water Main Replacement Project

Approved to proceed with this project was provided at the June 20 Town Meeting,  Replacement of the existing 6 and 8” cast iron water main on Kirsi Circle, Douglas Road, and Anderson Lane will begin in late July or early August of 2020.  The mains in this area were installed in the 1970’s and have been the source of numerous breaks over the years. This project will include the installation of new ductile iron water mains, valves, hydrants, and service connections to 52 homes.  Approximately 5,700’ of 8” water main on Kirsi Circle and Douglas Road, and 350’ of 6” water main on Anderson Lane will be installed.   Water will be available to all customers in the area during construction via a temporary bypass main. 


As of Friday, August 14th, installation of the new 12” water main has been completed from  1 Kirsi Circle to 32 Kirsi Circle and on Anderson Lane.  The water services for 1 Kirsi Circle through 20 Kirsi Circle have been connected to the new water main.  The water services for all the homes on Anderson Lane should be completed by the end of the day today.  Beginning Monday, August 17th, crews will complete the installation on the new water main from 32 Kirsi Circle to 34 Kirsi Circle, including chlorination and a pressure test.  Permanent trench paving on Kirsi Circle, from 1 Kirsi Circle, up to and including Anderson Lane, will also occur the week of August 17th.  In addition, the bypass water main has been installed on Douglas Road and a bacteria sample will be collected today.  Assuming that the sample results are favorable, installation of bypass water services on Douglas Road will also begin on Monday, followed by the installation of the new water main on Douglas Road, and from 35 Kirsi Circle to the intersection of Kirsi Circle and Main Street, for the remainder of the week.  We anticipate that 21 Kirsi Circle through 40 Kirsi Circle and all the houses on Douglas Road will begin to be connected to the new water main the week of August 24th. Removal of the bypass water main will occur after all the houses on Kirsi Circle and Douglas Road have been connected to the new water main. A full-width curb-to-curb pavement overlay is scheduled for Spring 2021. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this schedule, please contact the Water Department at (978) 692-5529. We appreciate your cooperation during this important project.