Energy Committee


Established October 27, 2008, the Westford Energy Committee shall advise and assist the town by researching, identifying, designing, recommending, and implementing programs and equipment to encourage and achieve energy efficiency and conservation, and work in alignment with the Massachusetts Green Communities Division. The goals of the committee shall be to reduce energy usage, create self-sufficiency, recommend renewable energy sources, shrink carbon emissions, and assist with the reduction of energy-related costs among municipal, residential, and businesses throughout the town.

Activities of the committee may include conducting studies of energy consumption in town facilities, residential homes and businesses where welcome, and making related recommendations, applying for grants (with Town Manager approval) to offset costs of the investments, provide educational materials, conduct presentations to educate town officials, residents, and business leaders, provide recommendations for purchasing equipment, implementing reduction measures, creating incentives for conservation, and tracking and reporting on the impacts and results of energy-related programs.

This committee may also assist the Town Facilities Manager on energy-related efforts and shall assist Permanent Town Building Committee on all town facility projects over $50,000, where energy usage is impacted, by reviewing and potentially recommending alternative energy sources, materials, or other options to be used. The committee has five full members and one alternate effective May 8, 2018.


Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.
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