Boards & Committees A - D

The online Boards & Committees database contains additional information about the composition of boards, current members, and how to apply to take part.
  1. 12 North Main Street Task Force

    This task force will evaluate potential reuse scenarios for the property located at 12 North Main Street which contains an abandoned mill building that was formerly part of the Abbot Worsted Company, and more recently is known as "Westford Anodizing".

  2. Affordable Housing Committee

    The Westford Affordable Housing Committee works toward guiding the process of creating more affordable housing opportunities in the community.

  3. Affordable Housing Trust Committee

    Get information regarding the Affordable Housing Trust Committee.

  4. Agricultural Commission

    The Agricultural Commission shall serve as facilitators for encouraging the pursuit of agriculture in the town, shall promote agricultural-based economic opportunities, shall assist in resolving conflicts involving agriculture, and shall participate in educating the community on the benefits of local agriculture.

  5. Board of Assessors

    The Westford Assessors’ Office and the Board of Assessors, as a professional team, exists to maintain equitable market value assessments by providing excellence in public service through complete, accurate, and timely assessments of all property subject to taxation competently and diligently as mandated under Massachusetts State law and to treat all people fairly and respectfully.

  6. Board of Health

    The Board of Health are the policy makers responsible for protecting the public health of the community by adopting relevant local health regulations and by carrying out preventative programs.

  7. Board of Library Trustees

    Get information about the Board of Library Trustees.

  8. Board of Selectmen

    The Board of Selectmen is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our citizens, providing a high quality education for our children, managing growth, maintaining the town infrastructure, and protecting the town’s valued environmental and historic resources, all in a fiscally responsible manner.

  9. Board of Water Commissioners

    The Water Commissioners are appointed by the Town Manager.

  10. Capital Planning Committee

    In an attempt to better identify, prioritize, organize and track the town's capital needs, the Town Manager is implementing a Capital Planning Committee. The committee members were appointed by the Town Manager as it is budget-related.

  1. Cemetery Commission

    The mission of the Cemetery Department is to operate, maintain, and preserve Westford's 6 public cemeteries; Fairview, Hillside, Pine Grove, Westlawn, Wright, and Pioneer Burial Ground.

  2. Commission on Disability

    Get information about the Commission on Disability.

  3. Communications Advisory Committee

    The Communications Advisory Committee (CAC) is the Westford Town Board that advises and represents the interests of the Westford Board of Selectmen in their role as Franchise Authority for Cable Television and with regard to other services provided by Westford's Cable Operators, Comcast and Verizon.

  4. Community Preservation Committee

    Learn more about the Community Preservation Committee and their work for Westford.

  5. Comprehensive Master Plan Implementation Committee

    The Master Plan Implementation Committee (MPIC) functions as an advisory body to Town officials and the citizenry regarding pending and future projects as they pertain to implementation of the Master Plan per Master Plan goals and activities.

  6. Conservation Commission

    The Conservation Commission is the Town body responsible for protecting Westford's natural resources. It is also responsible for the administration of the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act and Westford's Wetlands Bylaw.

  7. Council on Aging

    The Council on Aging strives to improve the quality of life for Westford residents who are aged 60 or older and to provide services, advocacy and resource information.

  8. Cultural Council

    The Westford Cultural Council is responsible for disbursing funds received from the Massachusetts Cultural Council to local cultural and artistic activities. The Council review proposals and grants funds to local applicants for a variety of projects that benefit Westford citizens.

  9. Drew Gardens Task Force

    Get information regarding the Drew Gardens Task Force.