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Monument / Memorial Request

  1. 1. Type(s) of Donation:*
  2. A written description of the background/historical information associated with any proposed donation including but not limited to, the historical and/or present relationship of the event(s) or person(s) to be memorialized and the Town of Westford; a description of the individual, group or organization sponsoring the donation and its relationship to Westford; and information about the fabrication of the item(s) and materials used. Additional information may be attached. (Models and/or pictures are to be attached or submitted with the proposal.) 

  3. If a plaque or other inscribed marker is proposed in this project, please complete the following:  

  4. 4. Proposed location for Donation: (Please prioritize.)
  5. Priority 1
  6. Priority 2
  7. Priority 3
  8. 5. Project Budget
  9. Note: A maintenance plan must be attached, including an estimate of annual maintenance costs and the donor’s plans for funding the same. 

  10. Please be specific.

  11.  Please list any cost or part of the project that will not be provided by the donor. 

  12. Please list any additional party(s) hired or employed to assist with work. 

  13. Please provided detailed information as to the funds now available for this donation and/or the anticipated time necessary to raise the funds and the anticipated fund-raising activities. 

  14. Please advise if the donation or fundraising is subject to any time constraints or restrictions. 

  15. (all file types are accepted)

  16. Consent Acknowledgement*

    By checking the "I agree" box below, I hereby acknowledge that I have read the Monuments and Memorials on Town Property Policy (tbd 12/13/2022), and that I will comply with all requirements thereof.

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