Guidelines for Bake Sales

Bake sales are limited to informal activities where cakes, cookies, fruit pies, or similar low-risk foods are sold to the public. They are a 1-time, 1-location event. These events do not require a permit.
  • Low risk baked items may be made in private homes for a bake sale.
  • The sponsor should retain a list of who donated what food items in case of any necessary follow up.
  • Potentially high-risk foods, such as cream-filled pastries, custards and similar products, and meat, poultry, or fish in the form of salads or sandwiches and cut fruit should not be sold at bake sales. Sale and service of these items require a temporary food service permit.
  • Prior to preparing any foods, everyone should thoroughly wash their hands with soap and warm water. Hand washing is to be repeated after any act that could contaminate hands, such as coughing, eating, handling garbage, or using the toilet.
  • Prior to preparing any foods, all surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned. Do not prepare other foods, such as raw meats and fruits and vegetables, while preparing baked goods.
  • Products should be individually wrapped to protect them from contamination while they are being transported, stored, or displayed.
  • Tongs or other utensils or tissues should be used for necessary handling of unprotected single units during service.
  • For sale of baked goods on more than a one-time, one-location basis, Westford Board of Health office should be contacted. The operation may fall under the food processing requirements.
These are guidelines only and do not supersede compliance with 590.000