• Elevator Shaft
  • Protective Covering
  • Back
  • Elevator Shaft Over the Top
  • Pouring Foundation
  • Cement Truck
  • Foundation Forms
  • Back with Foundation
  • Left Forms
  • Left Side
  • Right Side
  • Left Side Looking Towards Back
  • First Floor Right
  • First Floor Center Hall
  • First Floor Left
  • Looking Down on Elevator Shaft
  • Looking Out on Back Wall
  • Back Wall Being Built
  • Looking Out Toward Left Wall
  • Back Wall
  • Left Wall Near Original Building
  • Looking Down Where Original Foundation in Being Fi
  • Front Left Looking Toward Center
  • First Floor Left Side Looking Toward Front
  • Going Upstairs
  • Second Floor Right Side
  • Second Floor Left Side Looking Back
  • Second Floor Left Side Looking Toward Back Wall
  • Looking Across Front of Balcony
  • Center Back Looking Toward Front

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