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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

  1. Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee : Confidential Contact Form

    Please fill in and submit the following confidential and anonymous form -- no information regarding your identity will be recorded... More…

Health Department

  1. Health Check

    Please complete this form.

Land Use Management

  1. Questions regarding Fire Dept use at 60 Forge Village Road

    Questions from abutters and neighbors of 60 Forge Village Road regarding the use of the site for Fire Department training.

Request Vital Records

  1. Request Vital Records

    Use the form below to contact us so that we may verify that we have the record you are looking for. Then decide how you want to pay (by... More…

Senior Center

  1. Transportation Request

    Use this form to request Transportation via the Cameron Center

  1. Transportation Request for Town Meeting

    Use this form to request Transportation via the Cameron Center COA Vans for Town Meeting

Town Manager

  1. Comment & Report
  1. Resident Comments and Concerns About Pan Am Railways Form

    The Board of Selectmen is concerned about the Pan Am Railways operations in Westford. The idling of trains and excessive storage of... More…