How can I get a toter?

You can buy them from a hardware store or through the Recycling Commission - more info HERE. These toters belong to the homeowner, just as their trash cans do. 

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1. Do I have to put out a recycling container on the trash only week to have my trash collected?
2. Are we eliminating a week of trash removal (going to every other week for trash) and adding a week of recycling removal (having weekly collection of recyclables)?
3. Is someone inspecting my trash? What if I include a single item of recycling in my trash by mistake?
4. Is there anyway to stay connected with the Westford Recycling Commission?
5. I find it too difficult/dangerous to get to the curb in severe weather so I stockpile my recycling for good weather days, is this an issue?
6. Why can’t I get a free toter?
7. How can I get a toter?
8. What about my shared driveway/Condo? How do they know if it was me who skipped recycling or my neighbor?
9. If I am away, then I won’t have recycling. Is that alright?