The Town passed an override in 2017. Why are we being asked to pass another one?

In 2017 Westford voters supported an override to bring teacher pay to the average level within our “market basket” group of similar communities.  The Town’s target was to bring our teacher pay up to average level over the three years of the contract (FY18, 19 and 20.)  The amount of money designated in the override was committed to teacher salaries and teachers received all raises agreed to by contract.

In the past year, the Town has identified numerous budget challenges for future fiscal years arose which would require the expenditure of town funds well in excess of what has been allocated to those individual town functions previously. Over the course of the past year, we have experienced generational high inflation, renewing union contracts in this high inflation environment, extremely high health insurance claims by our employees, the knowledge that our solid waste vendor was not looking to renew their contract (traditionally, very low pricing), a bus contract renewal and special education tuitions that are dictated by the State and not the Town.   

For a detailed walk through all of the data supporting this information, please review the following  Budget Task Force Informational Videos.

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1. What is an Override?
2. The Town passed an override in 2017. Why are we being asked to pass another one?
3. What is the amount of the override and how will that impact my taxes?
4. How do we ensure we aren't back in the same place next year or the year after asking for another override?
5. Do these fiscal challenges affect Westford in particular or are there other towns in the same situation?
6. Over a year ago, did we know about these upcoming budget deficits when the library expansion vote was on the table?
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