What personal property is taxable?
All personal property of a business must be listed and filed with the Board of Assessors by March 1st each year. The official form for providing this information is a “Form of List.” Individuals, partnerships, associations, or trusts, are taxable on all tangible personal property except motor vehicles and trailers subject to an excise, boats subject to an excise, and non-commercial registered airplanes. Some examples of taxable personal property include the following:
-Business Furniture and Fixtures (such as desks and leasehold improvements)
-Furnishings and contents of a Second Home
-Machinery (such as copying and reproduction equipment)
-Merchandise (such as inventory of shoes in a clothing store, materials and supplies used to produce a finished product)
-Poles, underground conduits, wires and pipes
-Tools and Equipment (such as a dentist drill)

Unincorporated businesses must report on all of their furniture, fixtures, machinery, equipment and inventory. Incorporated businesses must report on all of their furniture, fixtures, machinery, equipment, and inventory.
Classified manufacturers need only report on poles, underground conduits, wires and pipes. Please call 978-692-5504 for more information.

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