Rave/Smart911 Emergency Notifications

A child is missing, a hurricane or tornado is approaching, a break-in occurs or a general message is needed to be sent to the community. Quick and accurate communication between law enforcement officials and community alliances is now available through Smart911.

What is the Smart911 Notification System?

Smart911 is a Community Messaging System, used to notify residences of emergency, non-emergency and general information through an automated telephone dialing system, which sends a message automatically to thousands of targeted residences and/or contact data bases. In addition it allows residents to provide details of special circumstances or conditions that might be helpful to first responders. These details will then be made available when responding to 911 calls.

How the Community Benefits From Use of Smart911

When important information needs to be communicated, Smart911 will allow the affected members of the community to be notified in a fraction of the time it would take town officials to manually convey these messages.

Take Advantage of the Smart911 Notification System

Most residents will not need to take action in order to receive notification of events on their home telephone. However, if you have recently moved into Westford, changed your home phone number, or have an unlisted phone number you will need to register your phone number. If you registered under our previous reverse 9-1-1 system, CodeRED, then you will need to register again for Smart911.

In addition to your home phone number you can register any number of additional numbers. These can be cell phone or work numbers. The numbers do not need to be located in Westford as long as the address you register them against is. In other words, you can register a phone number in Boston against your home address in Westford.

You can also register to receive notification via email and SMS.