Bulk Items & Policy

As Nov. 1, 2022 bulk stickers can no longer be used on mattresses or box springs.

Mattresses, box springs, and textiles (anything cloth) are now banned from the trash and incinerator per order of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. Bulk stickers are no longer accepted on mattresses and box springs.  Please consider reusing or donating.  Options can be found in the WRC "How to Recycling Everything" document - click HERE.

Donating or Reusing Is Your First Option

 In addition to climate effects, trash disposal is becoming very expensive and these costs are borne by the Town of Westford so it’s always better to reuse or donate items --- the bulk item fee charge does not cover the full cost of disposal.  WRC has put together an A to Z list for potential donation options in our "How to Recycling Everything" document - click HERE.  

Some items can be taken apart or broken down and placed with regular recycling or dropped off at one of the sites mentioned in the document (e.g. metals) for free. A wood pallet, for example, can be broken down into smaller wood pieces. If you have an oversized plastic bulky item, check for a recycling symbol and  break it down for your plastic recycling bin.

Bulk Items Policy

There are two types of bulk items: 1) types that can be collected with trash ($5 with bulk item sticker) and 2) larger items (e.g. electronics, appliances and larger metal objects) which cost $30 for pickup.  Please see below for additional details.

1) Bulk Items Collected with Trash

Bulk items are items that will not fit in a trash barrel or are over 50 pounds, and difficult for one person to lift.   They must be items that are not banned from the trash, and they must be burnable, as they are going to the incinerator.  With a bulk item sticker attached to the item, the trash hauler will pick the item up on your regular trash day. Please see below for locations to buy a $5 bulk sticker.

Bulk items include:

  • Furniture
    • Sofas
    • Chairs
    • Ottomans
    • Bookcases
    • Tables
    • Entertainment centers (less the electronics)
  • Carpeting  
    • Must be cut (no taller than 48") and rolled (no length requirement, but cannot exceed 60lbs) 
    • 1 bulk sticker is needed for every 3 rolls of carpeting (60lbs max. per roll)
  • Wood (for example, 1x4's or 2x4's) which must be bundled in 4' length 
    • No lead paint
    • Not pressure or creosote-treated
    • Not oil painted
  • Burnable Construction Waste - small home-improvement amounts only - not large amounts from major construction.
    • No sheet rock
    • No tile
    • No roofing tiles
    • No insulation
    • No granite
    • No ceramic
    • No oil based paint

Bulk Item Stickers

Curbside Bulk Waste Collection Stickers may be purchased for $5 each and at the following locations:

Town Clerk - Westford Town Hall, 55 Main Street (if you can't make it to Town Hall, send a check with a self-addressed stamped envelope, and a curbside collection sticker will be mailed back).

Main Street Convenience - 103 Main Street
Brookside Convenience Store - 64 Brookside Road

Market Basket - 6A Cornerstone Square

Nab's One Stop Shop - 60 Brookside Road

Westford Ace Hardware - 527 Groton Road 
Mackay Ace Hardware - 224 Littleton Road
Cumberland Farm - 180 Littleton Road

Bulk Waste Collection Sample

2) Bulk Items Collected Not Collected with Trash

Electronics, appliances and larger metal objects are bulk items that are not collected with trash. There is a separate monthly curbside collection on the third Saturday of the month for appliances, electronics and metal such as exercise equipment and swing sets, lawn mowers and grills. Cost is $30; to arrange pickup, call the Town Clerk at 978-692-5515. The Westford Recycling Commission holds two collection events (Spring & Fall) where many items can be dropped off for free.

Bulk items for special pickup or arrangements are list as follows:

  • Appliances include: 
    • Stoves
    • Refrigerators
    • Dishwashers
    • Air conditioners
    • Vacuum cleaners
    • Humidifiers
    • Dehumidifiers
    • Microwaves
  • Electronics include:
    • Televisions
    • Computer equipment
    • Laptops and towers
    • Displays - flat screen and CRTs
    • Stereos and speakers
  • Sinks, tubs and toilets can also be collected on the 3rd Saturday for a fee if arranged by the Town Clerk
  • For payment, cash/check accepted, credit cards are not accepted. If residents are unable to visit the Town Clerk's office, they may mail a check to

Town Clerk
55 Main Street
Westford, MA 01886

Note: If purely metal, freon-free items such as grills can be taken to Westford Metals, 69 Broadway, where they will be accepted as scrap metal. Call Westford Metals at (978) 392-3251 for more information.