Non-Zoning Wetlands Bylaw & Regulations

The Conservation Commission acts as the administrator for wetland protection laws.

These include:
  • Massachusetts' Wetlands Protection Act: The Wetlands Protection Act identifies 8 'interests' that are protected by the Act:
    • Flood control
    • Prevention of pollution
    • Protection of fisheries
    • Protection of groundwater supply
    • Protection of land containing shellfish
    • Protection of public and private water supply
    • Protection of wildlife habitat
    • Storm damage prevention
  • Westford's Wetlands Bylaw (PDF) and its associated Regulations (PDF): The Westford bylaw strengthens the state Act by adding requirements that:
    • Prohibit dumping of any material within 100 feet of a wetland
    • Prohibit the filling of wetlands or work within 100 feet of a wetland without the permission of the Conservation Commission
    • Prohibit septic systems within 100 feet of a wetland
    • Prohibit storage of salts, fertilizers, heavy metals, petrochemical products or toxic substances within 100 feet of a wetland