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According to the Massachusetts Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program, Westford is home to 5 rare species:

Scientific NameCommon NameTypeStatus
Ambystoma LateraleBlue-Spotted SalamanderAmphibianSpecial Concern
Botaurus LentiginosusAmerican BitternBirdEndangered
Clemmys GuttataSpotted TurtleReptileSpecial Concern
Crangonyx AberransMystic Valley AmphipodCrustaceanSpecial Concern
Emydoidea BlandingiiBlanding's TurtleReptileThreatened

Also at this site is information on the number of certified vernal pools in each town in Massachusetts. Westford has 88 certified vernal pools, a number only exceeded by Hubbardston's 266. If you are interested in vernal pools, you will like 'The Vernal Pool' site presented by the Vernal Pool Association of Reading Memorial High School.