Hunting Policy Committee


The committee shall investigate the town's existing hunting policies, related votes and documents (inclusive) on town-owned land and make recommendations to update these policies, with a primary focus on land controlled by the Select Board. Emphasis shall be placed on balancing hunting with public safety and other needs. The committee shall report a preliminary finding by September 1, 2014 for implementation beginning with the 2014 deer-hunting season. The committee shall ultimately provide criteria that may be applied to all town-controlled parcels. The final policy recommendation shall be presented to the selectmen and all other town boards that have care, custody and control of town parcels, each 1 of which may choose to adopt or reject the policy recommendations, according to a reasonable schedule provided by the committee.

The committee shall be comprised of up to 9 voting members and 2 alternates, 1 of which will be a representative from the Select Board and one of which will be a representative from the conservation commission. The board invites applicants with expertise in conservation, public safety and hunting as well as abutters to town parcels.

Amended January 28, 2014

The committee shall be comprised of up to 11 voting members, one representative from the conservation commission and 1 representative from the Select Board, and 2 alternates.