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In June, 2014, the Agricultural Commission led a session at the Town's Strategic Planning Retreat to receive feedback regarding priorities. The clear priority was to establish community gardens in town. Working with the Conservation Commission, 1 acre of land at the Day Field on Graniteville Road was designated for Community Gardens. Improvements to the land to support the garden were financed with CPC funds, approved at the March 28, 2015, Town Meeting with widespread support from residents, boards, and commissions.
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These improvements include safety improvements to the entrance, a shed for storage, deer fencing, and tanks to hold water. The garden opened on May 15, 2015, and accommodates over 100 gardeners.

The Westford Community Garden is located at the Day Field at 41 Graniteville Road, the intersection of Graniteville and Cold Spring Roads.

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2017 Season

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