Guidelines for Community Sandwich Boards

Adopted by the Board of Selectmen (BOS) January 1997; amended November 2001

Under the Town's sign by-law, permission from the Selectmen's office is required before signs can be placed on Westford Common or banners hung over Main Street.
  1. Only 1 sandwich board per organization per event will be allowed.
  2. Size no larger 36 inches wide X 48 inches tall including any legs.
  3. No Day-Glo poster board.
  4. The sign may go on the Common for 4 days before the event. If it is not removed the day following the event, the organization might not receive permission for a sign in the future.
  5. Signs may be placed only on the Boston Road side of the Common between the World War II monument and the Col. John Robinson monument.
  6. Policy on banners over Main Street: The BOS has jurisdiction over the placement of Banners over Main Street. Banners will only be approved if they meet the following criteria:
    1. The banner announces a municipal event or school event such as Town elections or Town Meeting.
    2. The banner announces a civic event or a non-profit fundraising event that benefits the entire community such as Apple Blossom Festival.
    3. Upon approval of the Board of Selectmen, banners may hang over Main Street for one week prior to the event, and must be taken down within three days after the event.
    4. Applications for Banners must be submitted to the BOS 60 days prior to the event (BOS waive this requirement at their discretion).
    5. If American flags are displayed, they cannot be removed in order to hang a banner.
No more than 1 banner shall be allowed to be placed over Main Street at any given point in time.