The Board of Registrars conducts an annual census by mail. Census forms are mailed out in January and we ask that residents return them as soon as possible. The census information is used to validate and update the residency of voters; to assist the School Department with enrollment information and projections; to assist the Council on Aging with service projections; to prepare the annual jury list; and by several municipal operational departments in the course of their daily work.

The annual Street List is published based on Census Data (children under the age of 17 and other information such as phone numbers are omitted from the published List and unavailable to anyone other than school or public safety officials) and is available in July of each year.

If you are a registered voter and do not respond to the census, the Board of Registrars is required by law to move you to the "Inactive Voter" list. You will still be eligible to vote in Westford, but only after completing an Affidavit of Continuous Residence form and showing evidence (such as drivers license or other public document) when you go to the polls or attend Town Meeting.

Look for your annual census forms in the mail in early January. The dog license renewal form is on the back of the census form. Party enrollment information is usually included on the census form designated by a letter. If there is a letter U next to your name, it means that you are a registered voter but not affiliated with a particular party. The letter U means unenrolled and used to be known as Independent.