Additional Important Contact Information

Phone Numbers

  • Bereavement Counseling:202-461-6530
  • Civilian Health and Medical Program (CHAMPVA): 800-733-8387
  • Education: 888-442-4551
  • Federal Recovery Coordination Program: 877-732-4456
  • Foreign Medical Program: 888-820-1756
  • Headstones and Markers: 800-697-6947
  • Health Care: 877-222-8387
  • Home Loans: 877-827-3702
  • Homeless Veterans: 877-222-8387
  • Life Insurance: 800-669-8477
  • National Cemetery Scheduling Office: 800-535-1117
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255
  • Pension Management Center: 877-294-6380
  • Presidential Memorial Certificate Program: 202-565-4964
  • Special Health Issues: 800-749-8387
  • Spina Bifida/Children of Women Vietnam Veterans: 888-820-1756
  • Telecommunication Device for the Deaf (TDD): 800-829-4833
  • VA Benefits: 800-827-1000
  • Women Veterans: 202-461-1070

Pension/Aid & Attendance Information

Where to Send Aid and Attendance (VA forms 21-526 or 21-534) Applications
Philadelphia VA Regional Office and Pension Center
Attn: Pension Center
P.O. Box 8079
Philadelphia, PA 19101

For assistance or to ask questions about your claim status please call the Veterans Benefits Administration national call center. The call center may be reached by dialing: 800-827-1000 or the VA Pension Management Center: 877-294-6380.

Casualty Information

Each Military Branch has a Casualty Office that maintains information on those veterans who are missing in action (MIA) and some information on those who were killed in action (KIA). Contact the respective service of the veteran.
Air Force: 800-531-5501
Army: 800-892-2490
Marine: 800-847-1597
Navy: 800-443-9268

To obtain additional information on those veterans killed in action (KIA), contact the National Personnel Record Center (Military Personnel Records) at 800-318-5298 (SOURCE: Korean War Commemoration)

Persian Gulf Veterans - Where to Get Help

The following is re-published from Gulflink. Please access Gulflink for more details concerning your rights, benefits and organizations that may be of help to you.

Active duty military personnel with questions or concerns about their service in the Persian Gulf region: Contact your commanding officer or call the Department of Defense (DoD) Gulf War Veterans Hotline (800-497-6261).

Gulf War veterans with concerns about their health: Contact the nearest VA medical center. The telephone number can be found in the local telephone directory under Department of Veterans Affairs in the "U.S. Government" listings. A Persian Gulf Registry examination will be offered. Treatment will be provided to eligible veterans.

Gulf War veterans in need of marital/family counseling: Contact the nearest VA medical center or VA vet center. For additional information, call the VA Gulf War Information Helpline at 800-PGW-VETS (800-749-8387).

Gulf War veterans seeking disability compensation for illnesses incurred in or aggravated by military service: Contact a Veterans Benefits Counselor at the nearest VA regional office of health care facility or call the VA Gulf War Information Helpline at 800-PGW-VETS (800-749-8387).

Gulf War veterans interested in learning about the wide range of benefit programs administered by the VA: Contact a Veterans Benefits Counselor at the nearest VA regional office or health care facility or call the VA Gulf War Information Helpline at 800-PGW-VETS (800-749-8387).

Individuals with first-hand information about "incidents" that occurred in the theater of operations during the Gulf War and that may be related to health problems experienced by individuals who served in the War: Call the DoD "Incidents" Hotline at 800-497-6261.

More Phone Numbers

  • DEERS Update: 800-538-9552
  • I.R.S.: 800-829-1040
  • Medicare: 800-638-6833
  • National Cancer Institute: 800-422-6237
  • Small Business Administration: 800-827-5722
  • Social Security: 800-772-1213
  • TRICARE Questions, For Benefits: 888-363-5433
  • TRICARE Questions, TRICARE For Life: 800-977-6753
  • United States Congress: 202-225-3121
  • Unites States Senate: 202-224-3121
  • The White House: 202-456-1414


  • Air Force Lodging: 888-AF LODGE (888-235-6343)
  • Army Lodging: 800-GO-ARMY-1 (800-462-7691)
  • Navy Lodging: 800-NAVY INN (800-628-9466)


  • DFAS Cleveland (All retired pay questions): 800-321-1080
  • DFAS, Denver Survivor Benefit Plan Annuitants (All Services): 800-435-3396
  • Military Retiree's Death Notification: 800-269-5170
Contact numbers for military honors for the Massachusetts area are:
  • U.S. Air Force - 781-377-4850
  • U.S. Army - 888-325-1601
  • U.S. Coast Guard - 617-223-3476
  • U.S. Marine Corps - 516-228-5666
  • U.S. Navy - 860-694-3475
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