Current Projects

Master Address Database Inventory

The goal of the project is to improve public safety by verifying and mapping every address in Town and create a centralized address database. One of the outcomes of this project will be an accurate inventory and a proper address for every building and vacant lot. The GIS Department is working with NMCOG and various public officials including fire and police department representatives. If your address is not appearing or for more information, send us an email.

Stormwater Drainage System Mapping Improvements

Using GPS and high resolution imagery we are updating the drainage maps to include every catch basin, pipe, culvert, outfall and drainage ditch. We will also being collecting data to develop a catch basin cleaning schedule.

Maps for Tax Purposes

Review 11 x 17 inches tax maps.

GASB 34 Reporting (Governmental Accounting Standards Board, Statement 34)

Under GASB 34, capital assets related to infrastructure networks, such as public roadways and stormwater systems must be inventoried and valued. The GIS department utilized the towns GIS data, supplemented by Engineering and Highway department records, to meet these new reporting standards.

Affordable Housing Land Study DHCD

As requested, the GIS Department used database queries and spatial analysis to calculate the total general land area for Westford and the total land area of 40B properties. This analysis was performed using the criteria described in the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) document titled ‘Guidance for Interpreting 760 CMR 31.04(2) Computation of Statutory Minima pursuant to MGL c.40B General Land Area Minimum."

Conservation Overlay District

As part of the analysis for the DHCD affordable housing calculation the Conservation Overlay District had to be digitized by interpreting the legal references described in the zoning bylaws.

Impervious Surfaces Data

To support the Stormwater Action Committee project the GIS Department created an "impervious surfaces" layer. See Stormwater Management for more info.

First Responder Maps

Created a comprehensive street list and map atlas showing every property in town and the closest fire hydrant and other essential public safety information.

Water Department Mobile GIS Application

Created a mapping application for water department vehicles that gives instant access to water department service cards. The map is guided by GPS technology and allows the user to access the measurement for locating water services and shutoff valves with the click of a button. The first phase of this project was to use the mapping application to replace the twelve, 3-ring binders that contained the service card information. The 2nd phase currently in progress will be to replace the water valve books.

Hazardous Materials Registration Database

This project was a collaborative effort involving the Board of Health (BOH) and a volunteer intern from Westford Academy. The BOH requires property owners who store hazardous materials on site to register with the Town. This registration declares to the Town and especially public safety officials that hazardous materials are on site and it allows them to prepare for emergencies. Special thanks to Brian Sheridan, a volunteer from Westford Academy, for working on this project.