Current Projects

Stormwater Drainage System Mapping Improvements

Using GPS and high resolution imagery we are updating the drainage maps to include every catch basin, pipe, culvert, outfall and drainage ditch. We will also being collecting data to develop a catch basin cleaning schedule.

Impervious Surfaces Data

To support the Stormwater Action Committee project the GIS Department created an "impervious surfaces" layer. See Stormwater Management for more info.

Cemetery Mapping
Town managed cemeteries have been mapped enabling us to locate and search lot ownership, burials, and more.
Mapping includes over 6,000 burials within approximately 3,000 Lots. This includes historical graveyards in town, except for the Pioneer Burial Ground in Parker Village. Due to system limitations the map viewer for this project is only accessible on our GIS server internally. Contact the GIS Department for more information.