Managing Our Stormwater

Stormwater Management Master Plan

Westford has initiated a Stormwater Management Master Plan (SWMMP) that evaluates Westford's current stormwater management practices and identifies future needs for a sustainable stormwater program.  This plan presents a pragmatic, cost-effective approach to addressing drainage infrastructure needs while considering local, state and federal water quality initiatives to protect our valuable water resources now and for future generations. Additional information is included in the following documents:
Frequently Asked Questions 2017 SWMMP
Project Fact Sheet 2016
Project Fact Sheet 2015
Project Fact Sheet 2014
Stormwater Master Plan Poster
Water Resource Management Poster

Stormwater Master Plan Report

Stormwater Master Plan Volume 1: Assessment

Stormwater Master Plan Volume 2: Long-Term Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

Stormwater Master Plan: Volume 3: O&M Plan

Stormwater Master Plan: Volume 4: Compliance Plan

Wastewater Assets O&M Plan

Westford Stormwater Funding Report


Westford NPDES Stormwater Program Compliance Plan

Westford NPDES Stormwater Program Compliance Plan

Annual Reports

The Annual Reports that were submitted to EPA and MassDEP describe the Town's activities each year. The Permit Annual Report is due on May 1st each year.

Stormwater Activities in Westford

Through their Engineering Department, Westford is conducting a variety of activities as part of their Stormwater Management Program. The following are examples of activities completed or underway.

Watershed Action Plan for Stony Brook & Nashoba Brook Watersheds

The Town developed a Watershed Action Plan for the Stony Brook and Nashoba Brook Watersheds through a Smart Growth Technical Assistance Grant from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA). Review the Watershed Action Plan (PDF).

You Can Help

Please help the Engineering Department find sources of pollution that enters the Towns storm drain. If you suspect illegal dumping or an illicit discharge, please contact the Town via email, or at 978-360-0498.