Bruce Freeman Rail Trail

Please stay off the trail during construction:
Construction activities will continue on the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail Phase 2A (south of Rt 225 in Westford, then through Carlisle and Acton) through sometime in the spring 2018. Both Phase 2A and 2C (West Concord) are active construction sites, with in-process conditions which may be unsafe, including in-process fence installations, unsafe drop-offs, unfinished berms, holes, and trenches dug for multiple reasons. Located in an active construction site are materials which may be: sharp, hot, heavy, unstable, dirty, and otherwise dangerous; along with construction equipment which may provide attractive hazards. In addition, we are concerned that people may damage the plantings before they have a chance to get settled into the ground, and can make seeded areas unsuitable for seed germination, and can create runoff sites in soft soil. In other words, please stay out of the construction site, which is the entire Phase 2 trail, until the contractor has removed ALL indications of construction. 

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Bruce Freeman Rail Trail Construction
Bruce Freeman Rail Trail

MassDOT 100% Design Submission - PHASE 2A

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