Boards & Committees E - Z

The online Boards & Committees database contains additional information about the composition of boards, current members, and how to apply to take part.
  1. Economic Development Committee

    The charge of the Economic Development Committee is to advise the Board of Selectmen and other town boards on issues concerning bylaws, policies, regulations, and zoning that foster commercial growth, strengthen the local economy, and are consistent with maintaining the character of our community.

  2. Energy Committee

    To advise and assist the town by researching, identifying, designing, recommending and implementing programs and equipment to encourage and achieve energy efficiency and conservation.

  3. Finance Committee

    The Finance Committee members are appointed by the Town Moderator to advise the Town Meeting on expenditures.

  4. General Bylaw Review Committee

    Learn more about the General Bylaw Review Committee and their work for Westford.

  5. Healthy Westford Committee

    The Healthy Community Committee works with a combination of town departments, boards and committees to investigate ways to promote Westford as a healthy community through policies, programs, and infrastructure planning.

  6. Historical Commission

    The Historical Commission was established January 21, 1975, by unanimous vote of Special Town Meeting under the provisions of Section 8D, Chapter 40 of the Massachusetts General Laws. It has 7 members and 2 alternates, each appointed by the Board of Selectmen to 2-year terms.

  7. Housing Authority

    The Westford Housing Authority (WHA), established in 1971, is the local body responsible for the expenditure of State and Federal housing grants.

  8. Hunting Policy Committee

    The committee shall investigate the town’s existing hunting policies, related votes and documents (inclusive) on town-owned land and make recommendations to update these policies, with a primary focus on land controlled by the Board of Selectmen.

  9. Parkerville Schoolhouse Committee

    View information regarding the Parkerville Schoolhouse Committee.

  10. Parks & Recreation Commission

    The Parks and Recreation Commission members are appointed by the Town Manager for 3 year terms. The Commission acts as the policy setting board for Parks and Recreation.

  11. Pedestrian Safety Committee

    The pedestrian safety committee is charged with identifying and evaluating options for improving pedestrian safety in Westford.

  12. Permanent Town Building Committee

    The committee is authorized, through appropriation, to obtain architectural and engineering services for site selections and preliminary schematic drawings, financial estimates, design, construction and initial furnishing for Town building projects.

  1. Personnel Advisory Committee

    The Personnel Advisory Committee is a committee of Westford, learn more about their work.

  2. Planning Board

    The Board has 2 functions as defined by Massachusetts law: to establish planning goals and to prepare plans to implement those goals, which take the form of the town's zoning bylaws; and to administer the Subdivision Control Law which establishes the process for development of new roads and new housing.

  3. Public Works Initiative Committee

    The name of the committee shall be the Public Works Initiative. Membership will include voting representatives from the Board of Selectmen, School Committee, Library Trustees, Finance Committee, Conservation Commission, Water Commission, Parks and Recreation Commission, and Council on Aging with voting staff representation from the Assistant Town Manager, for a total of 9 members, appointed for a 3-year term by the Board of Selectmen.

  4. Records & Archives Committee

    Records and Archives Management Committee (RAMC) is comprised of members of the Westford Historical Society, Historical Commission, Library, Town Clerk's Office and at-large members with historical and technical knowledge.

  5. Recycling Commission

    Learn more about the Recycling Commission and their work for Westford.

  6. Scholarship & Grant Committee

    The mission of the Town of Westford Scholarship and Grant (SAG) Committee is to provide educational financial aid to deserving Westford residents and provide supplemental educational funding for local educational needs and for existing adult literacy programs.

  7. School Committee

    Our goal is to maintain and increase student success and overall excellence in Westford Public Schools. We must preserve the high level of quality, service and achievement as well as look for opportunities to improve.

  8. Senior Low Income Disabled Tax Relief Committee

    The Senior Low Income Disabled Tax Relief Committee was appointed by the Board of Selectmen in April of 2017.

  9. Tax Possession Sale Committee

    The Tax Possession Sale Committee manages the Town's inventory of tax possession property.

  10. Town Forest Committee

    The Town Forest Committee is the Town body responsible for the care, custody and management of the town forests. The Committee may also acquire forest lands on behalf of the Town.

  11. Zoning Board of Appeals

    View the work, members and efforts of the Zoning Board of Appeals in Westford.