Substance Abuse Prevention

Ray Peachey is the Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator. The coordinator is responsible for developing and implementing alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention related programs and enforcing Westford's tobacco regulations. He works closely with Westford Police, School Departments, the Westford Parent Connection (WPC), Westford Against Substance Abuse (WASA) and other local and state organizations to bring substance abuse prevention programs to the community. Upcoming educational programs on substance abuse prevention can be found here.
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Celebrate With Care

As we enter a busy holiday season, Westford Against Substance Abuse (WASA) encourages the residents of Westford to make the most of holiday celebrations. Celebrate With Care. The holiday season is a paradoxical period of overwhelming responsibilities, bustling activity, increased stress and magical moments of joy, anticipation and wonder.

In our society, consumption of alcohol and celebrations traditionally go hand in hand. Anyone can experience problems when drinking alcohol. We all make choices about how much and how often we consume. Alcohol is a depressant. Use may affect cognitive ability, coordination and physical health. During a season when energy levels need to be high, stress levels tend to rise and social opportunities abound, we need to keep in mind the importance of celebrating with care.


  • Alcohol Effects Calculator: 1st Use of Alcohol Typically Begins Around Age 13
    By Their Senior Year, 64% of High School Students Say They Have Been Drunk at Least Once
    33% Say They Have Been Drunk in the Past Month
  • SAMHSA, To Smart to Start: Help Prevent Underage Alcohol Use. Learn Why, Learn How and Take Action Now



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