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Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.
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The Cemetery Commission typically meets once a month. Meetings are posted on the main Town calendar. A meeting should not be considered set until the agenda is posted on the Town’s main webpage two business days prior to the meeting. Agendas are also typically posted at Town Hall and in local newspapers.

Meetings are open to the public and begin with time designated as an open forum to allow for citizens to air their questions and concerns that are not related to specific action items slated on the agenda. Speakers are limited to 10 minutes each.  Individuals who desire more time to speak should contact the Cemetery Department two weeks prior to the next scheduled meeting and request to be placed on the agenda. The public is encouraged to comment on cemetery needs as they perceive them.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Cemetery Commission is responsible for setting the rules and regulations and the fee structure relating to Westford’s six public cemeteries:

Fairview Cemetery
Hillside Cemetery
Old Pioneer Burying Ground
Pine Grove Cemetery
Westlawn Cemetery
Wright Cemetery

Read the Westford Cemetery Commission’s Regulations for Municipal Cemeteries. Read the fee structure for the Sales of Lots, Burial Rights and Services.

The duties and responsibilities of the Westford Cemetery Commission include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

1.    To hold public meetings as often as is needed to ensure the proper maintenance of Westford’s six cemeteries and the administration of Cemetery Department operations. The Cemetery Commission works directly with the Cemetery Supervisor to set annual goals and objectives, review procedural and personnel matters, and plan for the necessary improvements needed to keep the Cemetery Department responsive to the needs of the community.

2.    The Cemetery Commission is required to publicly post an agenda of each upcoming scheduled meeting with the Town Clerk two business days prior to the meeting.  (Town board agendas can be found on the Town's main webpage, posted at Town Hall and in local newspapers). Minutes will be recorded of each meeting, with the Town Clerk receiving a copy of the minutes upon approval by the Commission.

3.    To work collaboratively with the Cemetery Supervisor to prepare and vote on an annual budget for submission to the Town Manager during the budget review period.

4.    To review all current policies from time to time, and to propose, vote on, and implement new policies or amendments as needed to address issues or changes in the operation of the Cemetery Department.

5.    To facilitate and coordinate the implementation of capital projects, either independently or in collaboration with the Cemetery Supervisor and personnel.

6.    To vote on expenditures from various accounts (such as the Perpetual Care Fund or the sale of lots, for example).

7.    To interact and maintain proper communication with other Town boards and committees as needed and appropriate to ensure adherence with proper procedures, to maintain harmony, and to work collaboratively in the pursuit of mutually-beneficial goals and objectives.