Departments M-Z

  1. Parks & Recreation Department

    The mission of the Recreation Department is to ensure the smooth, efficient operation, management and administration of the overall workings of the department.

  2. Police Department

    The primary purpose of the Westford Police Department is to provide a high level of safety, security and service for all members of the community.

  3. School Department

    Learn more about the Westford Public Schools.

  4. Sealer of Weights & Measures

    The town of Westford contracts with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Division of Standards for weights and measures services. The Sealer of Weights and Measures enforces the Massachusetts General laws related to accuracy and integrity of scales and measuring devices used in commerce.

  5. Tax Collector

    Our goal in the Collector's Office is to provide excellent customer service to taxpayers while protecting the interests of the town through diligent collection of all taxes due.

  6. Technology Department

    The mission of the Technology Department is to provide strategic direction on technology issues and to lead technology innovation initiatives, while responsibly managing the Town of Westford's technology systems and maintaining the highest level of reliable service to the community.

  1. Town Accountant

    The Town Accountant is responsible for the accounting and control of all town funds, disbursements, and financial records in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws, the Massachusetts Department of Revenue and By-Laws of the Town of Westford.

  2. Town Clerk

    The Town Clerk's Office is committed to excellent customer service, responsible stewardship of the Town's archives, and upholding the principles of open government by providing access to the town's public records.

  3. Town Manager

    The town manager's office is committed to being responsive, ethical, and transparent while providing quality, innovative and effective service to all town departments, federal and state agencies, the business community, and our residents at large.

  4. Veterans Services Department

    The Town of Westford's Veterans Services Department's mission is to honor and serve veterans and their families. By serving as their principal advocate, we are ensuring that they receive the care, support and recognition earned in service to their country.

  5. Water Department

    Better understand the work of the Water Department and what they do for Westford.