School Based Flu Clinic Program

Back by popular demand, the Westford Health Dept. is offering flu vaccine injections only to students in the Westford Public Middle Schools  and Westford Academy. Flu Mist will no longer be offered.

  • Flu vacine will only be given to children who pre-register through the health department website by October 27th. 
  • The Westford Health Dept. nurses will administer the vaccine during school hours.
In Order to register your child, please read the following about our new, easier registration system!

Student Flu Clinic Registration System

Completing a Registration

The following is a brief outline of the steps required for using the electronic form for registering a student for one of the Westford Health Dept. school based flu clinics.
        1.      Go to Registration form link on the left
        2.      Complete the required information in each section and click the “Next” button
                a.      Note: you will not be able to move to the next section if any of the required fields are not completed
        3.      When you have completed the last section, click the “Submit Registration” button
        4.      A completed form will be sent to the email that was provided
        a.      This form will be password protected using the password you have provided
        5.      Print and sign the form
        6.      Return the Signed form to the Westford Health Dept.  by October 27
        7.      After your child has been vaccinated, you will receive an additional email confirming the vaccination.  This notification will also be password protected.
Please be advised of the dates the Westford Health Dept will be at the schools:
November 7              WA- Starts before school at 7:00am
November 8             Stony Brook Middle School starts @ 7:45am
November 9              Blanchard Middle School starts @ 7:45am

You can also call the Westford Health Dept. at 978-692-5509 or stop by our office at Town Hall 2nd Floor, 55 Main St., M-F 8am-4pm