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Recreational Camps for Children

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health requires that all recreational, day, and overnight camps for children must be inspected and licensed by the local board of health in the city or town where the camp is located.

The primary purpose of the regulations and inspection is to ensure that the camp provides an appropriate environment to protect the health, safety, and well being of the campers. The regulations also establish minimum sanitary and housing standards to protect the children at camp.

The Health Department is responsible for enforcing the state camp regulation. The inspection process includes:
  • Assuring adequate sanitary facilities
  • Assuring safe structures and equipment
  • Reviewing background checks and immunization records on all staff and volunteers
  • Reviewing polices
It also includes assuring sufficient supervision of campers, appropriate plans are in place for medical and natural emergencies, injury and fire prevention, and verifying that immunizations records are up to date for all campers.

Recreational Camp for Children Requirements

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