Engineering Department

About the Engineering Department

The Westford Engineering Department performs the following functions:
  1. Reviews various projects submitted to the Planning Department and oversees the construction of many of these projects.
  2. Provides engineering services to Departments and Committees in town including, but not limited to, the Planning Department, Highway Department, Police Department, Fire Department, Conservation Commission, Building Department, Town Clerk, Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, Historical Commission, and Board of Health.
  3. Provides support to residents, businesses, contractors, consultants, and realtors.
  4. Stores, maintains, and updates public records, maps, and plans.
  5. Assists in the procurement of professional services for the Engineering Department as well as other town departments.
  6. Procures and manages numerous consultant services contracts and is responsible for reviewing, designing, bidding, overseeing, and inspecting of selected town construction contracts.
  7. Implements and manages the NPDES Stormwater Phase II program.

Engineering Department Mission Statement

The Engineering Department is committed to working with other departments to discover and identify infrastructure deficiencies that cause hardship, inconvenience or expense to the Town of Westford and its inhabitants, and will provide effective solutions that resolve or preclude those deficiencies.

Available Documents

Town Hall Parking Concepts

School Intersections Study - W.A., Robinson & Crisafulli

Envision 2050 Long Range Transportation Plan (NMCOG)