Finish Basement / Interior Remodeling

  1. Complete Floor Plan of entire house plus basement area to be finished (Contractor or homeowner may complete)
  2. Have Floor Plan reviewed by Board of Health for septic system requirements
  3. All work must conform to the current building code including energy code requirements
  4. If project will add a bedroom or bedrooms an emergency means of egress is required from the bedroom
  5. If purpose of project is to convert dwelling to two family dwelling or to accommodate home occupation apply for and secure any necessary Board of Health and Zoning Board of Appeals approvals
  6. Complete Online Building Permit Application Form and submit to Permitting Office (other permits e.g.: Electrical and or Plumbing will be required if such work is being done)
  7. Work on project may begin following signing of Application Form by all involved review Boards and the Building Commissioner and proper posting of site
Note: This checklist is intended to identify the majority of issues to consider in relation to this kind of project. Special circumstances relating to the nature of proposed construction or location of the project may require additional considerations.