Bear Notice

There have been several sightings of black bears in Westford. In order to coexist safely, we suggest that you remove bird feeders (especially suet and sunflower seeds) and treat compost piles and trash can areas with rags soaked in ammonia to help keep down the smell of food.

If you see a bear, please leave it alone and do not chase or follow it. Chasing may cause the bear to run into traffic or into a populated area. Please make sure all dogs are under control. If you have a problem bear you can call Environmental Police at 800-632-8075, 24-hours per day or your local Mass Wildlife office on weekdays. A problem bear is one that is destructive to your home or is trying to gain entry or being aggressive. We do not consider bears a nuisance for destroying bird feeders.
Black Bear Spotted Near Groton Road, Photograph Taken by Police Officer Mike Perciballi
For general questions contact Animal Control 978-692-4574. There is also information about black bears on the department webpage.