Town-Wide Strategic Plan

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The Town of Westford is creating its first Strategic Plan to chart the future of the Town through 2035.  The strategic plan is a forward-looking document to develop a vision and set the goals of the Town for years to come.   The 2035 strategic plan will guide policy development, prioritize demands and opportunities, and generate an implementation plan to realize defined vision. This important tool is developed through the lens of community visionaries with specific goals, targets, measures, milestones, and strategies.

Strategic Plan Objectives

  • Develop a clear set of goals, action steps and policy statements that define the priorities and vision articulated by citizens and clarify how these goals will be achieved.
  • Recommend ways in which the Town can be structured to best fulfill the goals and action steps to operate effectively and efficiently to maximize citizen services and sustain these services at a high level.
  • Draft a final plan document for review and presentation of the plan to the broader community. Participate in the review and refinement of this document.
  • Facilitate the development of performance metrics key indicators and outcomes that can serve as a basis for performance measure for the organization.
  • Produce a workable planning document that has broad citizen support, clearly outlines the community vision, and identifies clear policies, goals, and action steps necessary to achieve the community's vision.
  • Facilitate the development of a process to keep the Select Board involved and engaged in identifying potential strategic initiatives that support goals and tasks, including use of Select Board meetings to handle strategic discussions, feedback loops, newsletters, and regularly scheduled reviews and reports.
  • Facilitate the development of a process that keeps Town employees involved and engaged in implementing strategic initiatives that support goals and tasks, including focus groups, departmental plans, annual work plans, feedback loops, newsletters, regularly scheduled reviews and reports.
  • The selected Consultant shall provide regular progress reporting and will closely coordinate its planning services schedule with the Town and its designated project management personnel.  The Consultant shall be required to provide a primary point of contact to the Town for the duration of the project and shall be expected to attend regular project status and management meetings. The Consultant shall provide monthly progress reporting and forecasting of future phases of the project.

Strategic Planning Documents

 Strategic Plan Timeline

We anticipate the planning process will take up to 12 months to provide adequate time to establish an outreach approach, research, robust citizen engagement, and input analysis, strategies, and opportunities, along with the implementation plan that will guide the Town for the defined time frame.