Firearms Identification Card (FID) – Restricted

Firearms Identification Card (FID) – Restricted

There is no requirement to take a firearms safety course if you are applying for this type of license. This license allows you to purchase, possess and carry mace, pepper spray or any other chemical spray which is designed for use on humans.

There is no renewal fee for this license. This license does not allow you to possess or carry any type of rifle, shotgun, or handgun. To apply for this license please provide the following:

  1. Your completed application form (click the "application form" link here or go to forms on this website, or a hard copy can be picked up at the station) and written parental or guardian consent.
  2. A check made out to the Town of Westford or cash for $25 for the application fee. (No credit or debit cards accepted)

Click here to be re-directed to LTC/FID Application.

Please refer to Mass General Law Chapter 140 Section 122d for restrictions and prohibitions.