About Us

The Westford Fire Department serves all who live, work, and travel through Westford, Massachusetts.

We currently employ 47 full time personnel, including the Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief, and Fire Prevention Officer. Our fire suppression & EMS operations are divided into four groups of 11 personnel. Each group consists of one (1) Captain, who is the shift commander, one (1) Lieutenant, and nine (9) Firefighter/EMTs and Firefighter/Paramedics. Each group work a rotation of 24 hours on-duty, 48 hours off-duty, 24 hours on-duty, and 96 hours off-duty, with an average 42 hour work week. Current minimum staffing levels 24/7 is 10 personnel per shift.

We operate out of three fire stations that are strategically located throughout the town.

Fire District Map

Fire Headquarters

Fletcher Station 1
Fire Headquarters
65 Boston Road

Our newest station opened in 2018 replacing our the former Fire Headquarters located 51 Main Street on Westford's Town Common. The offices of the Chief of Department, Deputy Fire Chief, Fire Prevention, Fire Investigation, and EMS Operations are located here. Fire Headquarters is staffed 24/7 and is home to:

  • Engine 1: Staffed with an officer and a firefighter
  • Medic 1: Staffed with two firefighter/paramedics
  • Tower 1: Staffed with two firefighter/paramedics. Our Tower 1 crew cross-staffs Medic 2, allowing us to provide two fully staffed paramedic level ambulances.
  • Car 3: The Captain staffs the command car when shift staffing is at 11.

Fire Headquarters also currently houses a brush truck, a rescue boat, water tender, and a reserve engine.

George Rogers Station 3
39 Town Farm Road

George Rogers Station 3 is located at 39 Town Farm Road at the intersection of East Prescott Street. It was built in 2002, consolidating the former Station 3 on East Prescott Street near Pleasant Street in Forge Village (now home to the Westford IT Department), and Station 2 on Broadway Street in the Graniteville section of town (now a private residence). This station is staffed with two firefighters 24/7 and is home to Engine 3. A brush truck, our two service trucks, a rescue boat, and our off road equipment is also housed here.

Station 4Station 4
14 Oak Hill Road

Station 4 on Oak Hill Road, near the intersection with Brookside Road & Plain Road, was built around 1963 and is currently our oldest in-service station. It is currently is home to Engine 4 which is staffed 24/7 with two firefighters. Engine 4's primary response area is the Nabnasset section of Westford.

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Photos by Michael Boynton, www.massfiretrucks.com