Did you know that approximately 21% of our waste, in terms of weight, is organic (e.g. food, leaves, etc.)?  This suggests that composting is an impactful way to reduce Westford's trash bill. Further, diverting organics from our trash lowers the impact on our landfills but, also, when you compost, you create excellent fertilizer for your gardens. The Recycling Committee offers Earth Machine composters to help residents start their own composting.

These composters are offered at a subsidized price of $25 and are available by calling Denise Seyffert at 978-692-6986.  Please click HERE for more information.   

The Massachusetts Depart of Environmental Program has also developed some videos to help with composting:

Mass DEP Webinar

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Home Composting - Turning Your Spoils to Soils

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