Street Lights

Update June 2018: The Town of Westford is currently in the process of purchasing all street lights currently owned by National Grid. The town has been approved to participate in a grant opportunity being offered by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources, managed by the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) to convert all street lights in Westford to LED technology. 

The MAPC recently released a request for proposals to solicit designer services for municipalities who are participating in the grant program. Westford will be selecting a designer sometime in July/August and will begin the design process right away. Once designed, we will begin the construction/installation phase for our new LED fixtures. We hope to have the entire town converted to LED by October/November 2018. 

This project is estimated to save the town a significant amount of funding in the streetlight electricity budget. The town will be assuming maintenance responsibilities from National Grid and we plan to contract with a private vendor to perform these maintenance services. 

The new LED fixtures will be installed along with wireless controls, which replace standard photocells. The town's Highway Department will be able to remotely access and control the streetlights throughout Westford once the project is complete. This will also include computerized notifications to inform town personnel when there are outages in town. 

We will provide updates as this project proceeds forward.