Cemetery Department

The Westford Cemetery Department manages, maintains, and preserves Westford's six public cemeteries:

  • Fairview Cemetery -  Main Street & Tadmuck Road
  • Hillside Cemetery - Depot Road & Nutting Road
  • Old Pioneer Burying Ground - Carlisle Road and Old Lowell Road
  • Pine Grove Cemetery - Forge Village Road
  • Westlawn Cemetery - Concord Road
  • Wright Cemetery - Groton Road (Route 40)

Note: The other two cemeteries in Westford, St. Catherine of Alexandria Cemetery (on Pine Ridge Road) and the Russian Orthodox National Cemetery (also known as the Russian Brotherhood Cemetery) on Patten Road are privately owned and do not fall under the supervision of the Cemetery Department.

The Cemetery Department staff works collaboratively with private funeral homes and directors, families, relatives, the town’s Veteran Services Officer, Terry Stader (VSO), private contractors and vendors, and volunteers and researchers to coordinate burials, sell burial lots, cremation niches, and burial rights, organize cemetery events, and field queries on genealogical research.

The Cemetery Department provides preservation and support services for the above six cemeteries, including:

  • Selling burial lots, rights, and cremation niches;
  • Arranging for interments and disinterments;
  • Preserving gravesites, markers, and columbarium niches;
  • Landscaping the cemeteries (mowing, planting, pruning and removing trees and shrubbery, maintaining flower beds);
  • Plowing roads and clearing paths;
  • Repairing walls and structures on cemetery grounds;
  • Assisting visitors and the general community related to funeral arrangements, visits to the cemetery and other questions and concerns;
  • Organizing Memorial Day and Veterans Day observances and other special events.


Cemetery Department Staff is committed to serving the community and visitors to our cemeteries.  We are dedicated to maintaining and preserving our cemeteries and looking after the final resting places of our beloved departed citizens entrusted to our care. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

  1. Heather Monahan

    Senior Assistant
    Phone: 978-692-5526

  2. Richard 'Dick' Nawoichik

    Cemetery Supervisor
    Phone: 978-692-5526