Wetlands and Permitting

The Conservation Commission, (“Commission”) is responsible for administering the Wetlands Protection Act (M.G.L. Ch. 131, Section 40) as well as the Town of Westford Wetland Protection Bylaw which was adopted by Town Meeting in 1987, and Wetland Rules & Regulations which were adopted by the Conservation Commission in 1989.  Under these laws, the Commission is required to review and issue permits for any proposals to alter wetlands; alter or develop land within 100’ of wetland resource areas and within 200’ of perennial streams. Wetlands include the floodplains, banks of rivers, streams, lakes and ponds, marshes, wet meadows, bogs, swamps (such as cattail and red maple), land under water, and other isolated or seasonally wet areas (such as vernal pools).  

Wetlands are afforded legal protection because they play an important role in overall environmental quality.  The Wetland Protection Act identifies 8 interests including:

  • Flood control
  • Prevention of pollution
  • Protection of fisheries
  • Protection of groundwater supply
  • Protection of land containing shellfish
  • Protection of public and private water supply
  • Protection of wildlife habitat
  • Storm damage prevention

Westford's non-zoning Wetland Bylaw strengthens the state Act by adding requirements that:

  • Prohibit dumping of any material within 100 feet of a wetland
  • Prohibit the filling of wetlands or work within 100 feet of a wetland without the permission of the Conservation Commission
  • Prohibit septic systems within 100 feet of a wetland
  • Prohibit storage of salts, fertilizers, heavy metals, petrochemical products or toxic substances within 100 feet of a wetland

Wetland Permitting Forms

Request for Determination of Applicability (RDA)

Notice of Intent (NOI)

Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation (ANRAD)

Certificate of Compliance

  • WPA Form 8: Request for Certificate of Compliance - Word - PDF


Additional forms to be submitted with all applications for:

  • Request for Determination of Applicability
  • Notice of Intent

Third Party Billing Form 

Abutter Notification Form

Request for Certified Abutters Listing and Mailing Labels from the Assessing Department

Affidavit of Service Form