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Town of Westford Massachusetts
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Recycling Enforcement Policy FAQ
  • Do I have to put out a recycling container on the trash only week to have my trash collected?  No, however, if it is obvious to the casual observer that there are recyclables in the trash, it will not be collected.  The only change recyclers need to make is to keep their recycling bins out until the trash collection is completed on recycling week.
  • Are we eliminating a week of trash removal (going to every other week for trash)/adding a week of recycling removal (having weekly collection of recyclables)? No, the current collection schedule is unchanged.
  • Is someone inspecting my trash?  What if I include a single item of recycling in my trash by mistake? No one is going through your trash.  Decisions will be made based on what is obvious to the haulers and your neighbors: does the distribution of the volume of your waste stream reflect a reasonable effort to recycle and are their visible signs of recycling in your trash?  If not, you need not be concerned, however, please feel free to reference the recycling guide, on the website, facebook or contact the Recycling Commission via email or  by phone.  We would be happy to help you with any questions you may have regarding what to recycle and what to throw away.  Most households have far more recycling than trash.
  • I find it too difficult/dangerous to get to the curb in the winter/rain so I stockpile my recycling for good weather days, when it is less dangerous to me, the paper is less heavy for the hauler, and the wind doesn’t blow recyclables.   This is a container issue, not a recycling issue.  Westford is lucky to have a very flexible system regarding recycling containers.  Unlike many towns, residents of Westford are not mandated to have a specific container for recycling.  Simply acquire a container that fits your needs, get a free sticker from the Town Clerk, and place the labeled container on the opposite side of your driveway from your trash.  If you are concerned about wind or precipitation, or like to set recycling out the night before collection, it would be best to have a container with a lid.  The container should be sized appropriately for your household so you can move it, store it, and not over stuff it.  If you can get your trash to the curb in the container of your choosing, you should be able to get recycling to the curb in a container that meets your needs.
  • Why can’t I get a free toter?  IPR initially provided free toters to Westford residents until they realized that the cost of providing toters to everyone in town would be prohibitive.  These 64 gallon toters with yellow lids belong to IPR, not the homeowner, and are linked to the address they were delivered to.  The Town of Westford did not pay for the toters.
  • How can I get a toter? The Recycling Commission purchases 64 gallon toters with green lids and sells them at cost to residents.  These toters belong to the homeowner, just as their trash cans do.  If you would like to order one, simply send or deliver a check for $40 payable to the Recycling Commission to the Town Clerk, and a Commission volunteer will contact you to arrange for pick up.  Homeowners can also buy toters or receptacles of their choosing from any hardware store.
  • What about my shared driveway/Condo?  How do they know if it was me who skipped recycling or my neighbor?  The enforcement is not that finely correlated.  As long as there is recycling out at a given pick up location and no obvious recyclables in the trash, the trash will be collected
  • If I am away, then I won’t have recycling.  And you won’t have trash.  It is more likely, given every other week collection of recyclables, you will have recyclables and not trash, and in that case, the recyclables will be picked up.

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