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Town of Westford Massachusetts
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Water Department
Contact TypeContact Information
60 Forge Village Road
Westford, MA 01886
After Hours Emergency:
7:00 am - 4:00 pm
Monday - Friday
Operations Manager
Business Manager
Environmental Compliance Manager
Accounts Payable
Water Billing & Property Transfers
2016 Monthly Rainfall for Westford
(average in red)

 April: 2.54"/4.1"   May: 3.07"/3.8"   June: 2.08"/4.2"    July:1.71"/3.8"   
August: 3.19/3.8"   Sept. 2.42/3.8"

Westford's rainfall deficit for the year is increasing and is currently at 10.56"

Drought Warning issued for Northeast Massachusetts
(upgraded from Drought Watch)

BOSTON - August 12, 2016 - With most of Massachusetts continuing to experience dry conditions for a fifth straight month, today, Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) Secretary Matthew Beaton declared the following drought levels throughout the Commonwealth: a Drought Warning for Central and Northeast Massachusetts, up from a Drought Watch in July; a Drought Watch for Southeast Massachusetts and the Connecticut River Valley, up from a Drought Advisory in July; and a Drought Advisory for Western Massachusetts and the Cape and Islands. The declaration was the result of a recommendation issued from a recent meeting of the Drought Management Task Force, comprised of state, federal and local officials, and will remain in effect until water levels return to normal in the affected regions.

"The declaration made today represents the lasting agricultural, environmental, economic, and public safety impacts associated with prolonged drought conditions," said Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Matthew Beaton. "The Baker-Polito Administration will continue to work with the Drought Management Task Force, government officials, and stakeholders to ensure appropriate actions are taken to minimize any harmful effects of the drought. The public is strongly encouraged to limit outdoor water usage, and integrate water-saving techniques into their daily routines."

"With drought conditions persisting, and worsening in some areas, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency is asking the public to actively conserve water by reducing indoor and outdoor water usage" said Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) Director Kurt Schwartz. "Additionally, because of the increased threat of brush and wildland fires due to the extremely dry conditions, the public is urged to exercise extreme caution when using matches, charcoal grills, and other open flames during outdoor activities."

Stage II Outdoor Water Use Restrictions + No Sprinklers Allowed
(Private wells are not subject to these restrictions)

Notice:  The State has declared a Drought Warning for Northeast Massachusetts

Lack of any significant rainfall over the past several weeks and subsequent increased demand has prompted us to reassess our current outdoor water use restrictions.  Accordingly, in an effort to ensure an adequate supply of water for drinking and firefighting purposes, the Westford Water Department is hereby implementing further mandatory outdoor water use restrictions.    Effective immediately and in addition to the current Stage II outdoor watering restrictions, outdoor water use shall be limited to hand held hoses only.  The use of sprinklers of any kind is prohibited.  Below is a summary of the outdoor water use restrictions in effect as of today, July 5, 2016 and until further notice:

  • Odd numbered addresses may water on odd numbered days
  • Even numbered addresses may water on even numbered days
  • Watering may occur only between 6:00 pm and 9:00 am
  • The use of sprinklers of any kind is prohibited – only hand held hoses may be used to water

  • Hand-held hose or watering can (within the above day and time restrictions)
  • Outdoor water use for health or safety reasons
  • Outdoor water use for production of food, fiber, or maintenance of livestock
  • Outdoor water use to meet the core functions of a business
  • Use of drip irrigation

  • Irrigation of lawns or gardens using sprinklers or automated irrigation systems of any kind
  • Filling of swimming pools
  • Washing of vehicles (unless a safety issue)
  • Washing of exterior building surfaces, parking lots, driveways, or sidewalks except as necessary to apply paint, preservatives, stucco, pavement, or cement
  • Soaker Hoses
These restrictions will be re-evaluated as precipitation and water demand returns to a normal state.     In accordance with Westford Town Bylaw Chapter 169. 7 violations of these restrictions are subject to a fine of $50.00 for the first violation and $100.00 for each subsequent violation.   In addition, we ask that private wells in use be marked with a “Private Well” sign as they are not subject to these restrictions.  

We appreciate your cooperation with these restrictions.

The 2015 CCR (Water Quality Report) is Available at

New Online Bill Pay Service Provider for Water Bill Payments 12/1/2015

City Hall Systems will be replacing Unipay as the Online Bill Pay Service Provider for the Westford Water Department on December 1, 2015.  The two systems offer similar features with a few improvements.

  • Paying out of your checking account by ACH E-Check will be free starting on December 1st for Water Bill payments.  
  • Payment by Debit or Credit Card will be subject to credit card company fees based on a percentage of the amount being paid, with a minimum fee of $3.00.  For this reason we strongly recommend using ACH E-Check to avoid all fees.  
  • Customers can pay as a guest or they can establish a user account.  Note:  Anyone who previously established a user account with Unipay will have to establish a new user account with City Hall Systems.  We’re sorry for any inconvenience but think you will like the new provider.
  • Customers who establish a user account will gain access to some great features; payment scheduling, payment history inquiry and new to Westford - E-Billing.
  • We are very pleased to offer E-Billing to our customers!  You may sign up to receive your bill via Email only (E-Billing), or to have your bill delivered via Email and US Mail (E-Notice).  Once signed up, you will receive a notice via email each quarter.  
If you have any problems, questions or concerns about City Hall Systems, please don’t hesitate to contact the Water Department at 978-692-5529.

Thank you for using our online Bill Pay system!

Click on the link below to continue on to the bill pay system:

Want to know how your water bill is calculated - or check your water usage?  Click on the link below to access our Water Bill Calculator.  Simply enter the requested information to calculate your bill and determine your water usage.


Click here to learn how to read your water meter

Sodium in Drinking Water - 2016 Results Now Available

For information on sodium in drinking water click on the Education and Outreach then Sodium in Drinking Water Links on the left side of the page.   

The Westford Water Department is the host community for the FY2017 Northeast/Merrimack Valley Chemical Consortium (NEMVCC).  The NEMVCC is a collaborative of fifty-eight water and wastewater systems in northeastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire that solicits bids annually for water and wastewater laboratory supplies, treatment chemicals, and services.  Visit the NEMVCC website at for more information.

The FY 2016-2017 bid awards were approved on May 26, 2016.    Visit the NEMVCC website for the FY 2016-2017 bid results and low bidder details.  Contact Mark Warren at if you need the original bid documents (bid box).  

Service Line Insurance

Periodically our customers get calls from companies offering water service line insurance.  We would like our customers to know that the Westford Water Department does not endorse any service line insurance product or company, and we recommend exercising due diligence before making a decision to purchase insurance.  Before considering purchasing service line insurance you may want to check with your home insurance company—as some policies do offer some coverage for service line repairs or replacement.

 Cant' find your fire hydrant?

If you don't know where your local hydrant is you can use this new map that shows the location of the town's hydrants.

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