Tax Collector
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, Tax Collector
Town Hall, 55 Main Street 
Westford ,MA 01886 
8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Monday -- Friday
Mission Statement
Our goal in the Collector's Office is to provide excellent customer service to taxpayers while protecting the interests of the town through diligent collection of all taxes due.  The Treasury Department is committed to depositing, balancing and accounting for all town funds quickly and correctly, cooperating with all other town departments to effectively manage cash receipts and expenses.  We strive to maintain a reputation of integrity and excellence in everything we do.

Does the Town of Westford Owe You or Your Business Money?
The Town of Westford is required by law to publish it's list of unclaimed payroll and vendor checks.  To that end, we have made available a link  Follow the link and simply enter your name, or a part of your name in the search bar and you will be able to see if your name is on the list.  If you find your name, follow the link to the claim form.  Print out and fill in the claim form.  Return the original signed form to the Treasurer's office.  Be sure to provide all of the required information, including a current mailing address.  Once we verify that you are the correct owner, we will reissue a check!   Please tell your friends and neighbors to check this out!  Thank you and have a wonderful summer!

Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Bill Information:
Bills are due quarterly on the first business day of August, November, February and May.  The payment stubs are mailed out twice a year with two bill stubs in each mailing.  August and November are mailed together at the end of June.  February and May are mailed together at the end of December.

Tax bill information can be viewed online any time.  If you want to check the status of a payment or would like to see history, you can look up your bill on the town's website.  Also, tax bills can be paid online until the due date.  Some fees apply for online payments.  See below for more information.

Please remember to keep your copy of the bill in a safe place for your income tax records.  Thank you!


Westford's Real Estate Tax information is now available online.  You can access tax information and payment history as follows:
From the Home Page Click on: Online Services
Click on Pay/Lookup Bills
Click on Lookup tax bill details in the Blue Box
Click on Real Estate Tax Information
Enter the 11 digit Map and Parcel # (no spaces or dashes: ex. 01300900000)
Click Search

The Map and Parcel number can be accessed online as follows:
Click on GIS Tools
Enter street address
Click Search


The fee for Municipal Lien Certificates (MLC)  increased to $50.00 for residential properties and $100.00 for commercial/industrial properties.
The effective date of the increase is June 1, 2010.

Municipal Lien Certificates (MLC) is a legal document that lists taxes and assessments owed on a parcel. These documents are usually requested for the
preparation of a refinance or sale of a property for the protection of the property owner.

Obtaining a Certificate - The fee for each certificate is $50.00 for residential properties and $100.00 for commercial/industrial properties per parcel. Each request must include the map and parcel, owner's name, property description, identifying sale or refinance and a stamped self addressed envelope. Check payable to the Town of Westford and mailed to the Collector's Office.

(taxpayers - calendar year information)

FY2016 Tax Rate

Residential & Personal Property   $16.30
Commercial & Industrial Property $16.50
Community Preservation Tax

The Tax Collector's office is utilizing the services of Kelley and Ryan Associates, Inc. as our
Deputy Collector. For the convenience of our Westford residents, we now accept payment for excise tax warrants at the Tax Collector's window at Town Hall, or you may pay at any Kelley and Ryan's  offices located in Lowell, Beverly, Lawrence, Brockton, Taunton, Springfield or Hopedale. For directions to these offices you may call Kelley and Ryan Associates at 508-473-9660.

The Drop Off Box is located across the driveway from the back entrance to Town Hall.
All payments dropped off after 4:00 P.M. will be credited the next business day.

Interesting Facts
Personal property is defined as: The contents of a business (machinery, equipment, etc.) and property that fits in a summer home (furnishings, etc.)

Most excise bills are mailed in February. However, excise bills for vehicle purchased after January 1st could be mailed at any time during the year.